1 week in

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Twenty-ten is going swimmingly so far.  The days are long, hot and lazy, the weather has been great and we are all happy and healthy.  Even more so due to the odd appearance of a Resolution List prepared by Dave on New Years Day.

It wasn’t a list of resolutions though, more like commandments and was called The New Deal.

  1. No alcohol for 30 days beginning January 1st
  2. New budget to be made
  3. Stick to the list at the grocery store, list will be made according to a weekly menu which will also be made
  4. No impulse buying
  6. Baby?

So, 10 days in we are doing really well.  Neither of us have had a drink and the desire to have an evening glass of wine or cocktail seems to be waning as well.  The best part apart #1 is that I have lost 1kg!  I’m so happy about this, I have also been exercising more (which is quite easy as living with Dave is akin to living with Jillian from TBL – the man LOVES to run).

My sleep has proufoundly improved also.  I am so used to waking up in the morning with a stiff, sore, exhausted jaw from grinding / clenching my teeth in the night, I was astounded when I awoke one morning early in the New Year with a pain free and relaxed jaw.  I’m not sure whether I can attribute this to the lack of alcohol or the reduction in caffeine intake due the removal of bourbon & cokes from my nightly routine – but whatever is responsible, it can only be good.

As for the rest of the list, well there has been no impulse buying because there is literally no money to buy anything so we are doing well there!

I have also got everything rolling for uni again, my course manuals came in the mail yesterday so I plan to get ahead on my reading before semester starts.

So considering that I never make resolutions and sticking to them may be an even rarer occurrence, I think The Jacks are kicking 2010 off in a very good way.