100 Days Left. Thanks.

100 Days LeftWow, you guys were really feeling that post!  It was so awesome to read your comments on here, IG and FB – I hope ya’ll read ya’lls comments as well as there have been some beauties.  Basically, it seems, we are not alone in our suckiness and the consensus is that it’s GAME ON for the remainder of 2014!

For me, the ritual of actually writing the post, mulling it over, then tapping it into life here on the blog, solidified my discontent, made it a ‘thing’ and gave me the impetus to make some changes.  That’s the beauty of writing in any form, gathering your thoughts enough to craft them into words kinda acts like a sieve for your brain.  Admittedly my sieve has some holes in it, but when I can sort the important stuff from the garbled storm of the century, usually some good will come from it.

Yesterday was awesome.  I powered through so many things (except the handwashing, that’s still shooting daggers at me from the laundry);

  • I planted one vege garden ? – On Dave’s to-do list is building the new one
  • I opened our Holiday savings account ?
  • I delivered our rugby teams last coaches gift ?
  • I mowed the lawns ?
  • I exercised ?
  • I cooked a kick ass dinner ? (homemade fish fritters – 1.5 kg of hoki @ $9.95kg fed four for 2 dinners this week!)
  • I replied to ALL emails rather than looking at my inbox as it’s very own to-do list ?
  • I installed a new app to help me keep track (thanks Tara for the suggestion!) ?
  • I didn’t have any wine – Mon, Tues, Wed all AF ?
  • I didn’t buy anything ?

I’m going to use the hashtag #100daysleft on Instagram to share my progress in making ALL of my days count, so join in if you want, I’d love to see you rockin’ out the rest of the year x