14 months Old|Hello Nixon 6 Weeks Post-Op

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Baby Boy

Same old, same old – how time flys – yadda yadda, but really?  Six weeks? 

Thank you so much for all of your kind messages and concern it has meant so much to us!  The good news is…………..Nixon is doing amazingly well!  His little bowel that was obviously SO excited about being able to poop has calmed itself {thank god!} so we are no longer dealing with 7 dirty nappies before lunchtime – he seems to have a regular routine now, twice a day which is pretty normal I would say!? – I think?  

His hideous, bleeding nappy rash is also entirely gone and really, my only concern is that post-op he hasn’t gained any weight.  Zero grams.  He’s still sitting at 98th percentile however………….so, I guess there’s not too much to worry about lol.

The Hirschsprungs diagnosis still seems completely surreal to me, even more so since his excellent response to the pull-through surgery.  We are now fully immersed in the normal trials, tribulations and JOY of having a 14 month old toddler ruling the house – and believe me, the tribulations are many.  

This kid doesn’t take no for an answer, he laughs in the face of NO and carries on his merry way.  There is so much I want to remember about this age as Nixie’s rate of growth and change is incredible right now;

  • I love his little voice, our house is constantly filled with babble – ‘shooz’ – shoes, this means I want to go outside Mum, ‘huss’ – hush, this means shut the hell up you barking a-holes, ‘dish’ – Dash, barking a-hole #3, plus eyes, ears, up, door, nose, mama, daddad, Nana, yum, uh-oh, digger, dump truck………so many cute little words
  • I HATE the obsession with one of my surfing trophies, he pulls it off the wall approx 173 times a day, brings it to me and says NO NO
  • I love how he pulls every book off his bookshelf and sits on top of the mountain and reads them all one by one
  • I love watching him learn new tricks {like climbing up on the couches!}, when he succeeds he sits back, satisfied with a grin on his face

Life is pretty wicked aye?  Feeling quite grateful right now x