Show & Tell | Sugar Skull Embroidery

Well, I bet some of you thought I’d never finish this one?

And, maybe I thought that too, but HA, proved us both wrong.

I really enjoyed this wee stitching project, I found it really cathartic punching holes in something over and over again {?}.  I’m not sure if the end result is pretty per se, but it’s definitely me.  I have it hanging above my computer as a little reminder to finish what I start, because finishing ‘stuff’ is something I’m finding very tricky these days! :::::pointing & whistling at you Nixon:::::

Next project already a-go-go, on a roll craft-nerds, I’m chasing ya x

{FYI, the metallic gold thread that I used for the crown was a major PIA and I will never use it again.  It was super rough and scratchy and didn’t like to be pulled through the fabric, plus it started losing it’s bling after being pulled through a few times – avoid at all costs}.



RIP Charlotte Dawson, A Letter to the Editor – From my Brother

I wish my bro was a mummy-blogger.  He has the rare ability to translate his IRL personality exactly into the written word.  He can be totally caustic and make you want to punch him in the face, but he also speaks truthfully and from the heart and as such, I couldn’t agree more with his response to Deborah Hill Cone’s repulsive soliloquy on Charlotte Dawson’s death;

So, it’s about time for my annual strongly worded letter.

‘Hi everyone, I’m Hadyn Godfrey, you might remember be from such facebook rants as “Novopay….No Way!” and “Michael Laws isn’t misunderstood, he’s just a douchebag”‘

I didn’t like the article below very much so I wrote the following to the editor.

Dear Editors,

I’m truly glad that you’ve dropped the charade, took the plunge and are finally living up to your new legacy as a tabloid paper. No longer are you simply tabloid-formatted, your content now matches your look.

It’s a similar angle to the one Deborah Hill Cone presented in her creative piece entitled, ‘It wasn’t just depression that claimed Charlotte’; The forgotten, struggling newspaper just can’t keep up its gleaming facade any longer. The image The Herald presented to the world just wasn’t who you really are was it?. But now? You’ve done it now Jim, you’ve finally plucked up the courage to show the world the real you.

Good on you mate, it takes cojones to just lay it all out for all to see.

The clues have always been there, you’ve had David Farrar and Sir Bob Jones on your payroll long enough for those of us with cynical minds to start to suspect they were there for more than just a hat-tip to balance. They weren’t just mad jesters, there for our collective entertainment either, were they?

If the women of this world who are approaching their fifties can hold themselves back long enough from the apparently insatiable desire to just end it all rather than struggle on as undesirable, penniless old hags, I hope they take the time to remind you, The New Zealand Tabloid, that mental illness is a real issue that affects real human beings.

Publishing utter drivel from some pseudo-psychologist-‘journalist’, so transparently pushing her own demented view of the world on us in the most sadly opportunistic way, does so much harm to the hard work that so many have done to raise awareness and understanding of illnesses such as depression.

As a sufferer of depression myself, I know it’s exactly articles like this that prevent people from asking for help. It’s the opinion-piece version of someone telling a sufferer to ‘just get over it, you’re just sad’. Apparently depression is so insignificant that it just isn’t enough to have taken Charlotte Dawson’s life on its own. ‘You’re not depressed Charlotte, you’re just getting old, and you’re too lazy to stick around and figure out how to deal with it’, waffles Hill Cone.

Deborah Hill Cone is as entitled to her opinion as anyone in our land of free speech, but as for you NZ herald, please show some decency and common sense. For one minute can you at least pretend to not be so obviously driven by this primal need to drum up readers and make the big bucks for the suits upstairs, and act like there are real human beings EDITING your paper.

Real human beings show compassion for each other. Real human beings don’t kick someone when they’re DEAD. Real human beings don’t belittle an illness that untold numbers of us have to live with everyday.

If there are any real human beings listening in your ivory towers, start asking yourselves why you really come to work everyday. If it really is to stir up controversy to make profit at all costs, then well done, you’re doing a great job. If however you look deep inside and have any shred of true journalistic integrity left, perhaps you might use better judgement before publishing an article like this one.

Real human beings read your paper and know that Charlotte Dawson was a real human being too.

Yours sincerely
Hadyn Godfrey

*Steps off soapbox*

*Drops microphone*


“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetethan: the last 3 days have seen you come alive again after breaking your ankle.  you said to me yesterday that you felt like a normal kid again.  it made my heart soar.  you have wanted to swim, ride, play basketball, play outside and make bow and arrows with your dad.  everything will be ok x

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetnixon:  while your brother swam with the real ducks in the river, we lazed on the shore, you ate dinner and dragged your rubber duck around on the grass.  it was a postcard evening, perfect.  shared with your grandaddy from florida.

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Show & Tell | Zip Purse

During a bit of a WTF moment last month I signed up for Cats Sew Sweet Blog Swap.  To participate I needed to sew a small zippered purse and share some candy etc with my swap partner.

Two things to note;

  1. I have never sewn a zip before in my life
  2. I busted out the sewing machine for the first time in approx 15 years in December, so my skills most definitely cannot pay the bills!

I pre-emptively felt sorry for my partner.

But, I found a tutorial online, picked out some fabric and got busy.

Zipped purse

I SO enjoyed making this.  As per my last project, the Advent Calendar Bunting, I really disliked the cutting out part and really enjoyed the actual sewing part.  Does everyone feel like this or just me?

I lined this little purse, used interfacing {which didn’t iron on as it was supposed to, only about 50% of it actually stuck} and somewhat successfully inserted the zip.  I feel like the zip was quite flimsy?  I have a feeling I should have done some extra stitching at the ends to hold it firmly in place.  Leonie if you read this I would love you to critique it for me so I can improve!

Being part of this swap was awesome as I learnt something new and having a little project to work on is what’s turning my gears at the moment.  Looking forward to the next one! {that is within my rather limited realm of ability lol}.

Zipped purse



Acquisitions | Doidy Cup


A few months ago, ok, 6 months ago, when Nix was fresh and new and having a lot of problems feeding I received this strange looking wee cup in the mail for review.  As I was having so much trouble getting him to breast feed I was loathe to try anything that might muddy the waters any further.  We got over that hump pretty quickly thank goodness but now the summer heat and Nixon’s complete bottle abhorrence have combined to exacerbate recurring constipation in the poor chap.  Not that it bothers him at all or causes him any pain thank goodness, but hydration is of mucho importance right now.

I introduced the Doidy Cup to him about two months ago with immediate success – my baby who hates a bottle and is completely un-coordinated with a traditional sippy cup can drink with ease and drink a substantial amount from this oddly shaped cup.  We now use this exclusively every day in addition to breast feeding to up Nixon’s fluid intake with boiled water.  Such a great solution for us, we love it!  The cups design is so simple, but makes so much sense that I’m sure a mama must have designed it!  RRP $15.



The cup was provided to me for editorial consideration, but all opinions expressed are my own

Hello Nixon | 7 Months Old


Oh son you are starting to scare the bejeezus out of us.

You are constantly in motion.  Not like a leaf-on-a-tree-swaying-in-the-breeze kinda motion, more like a frantic-bull-on-the-streets-of-Pamplona kinda motion.  I can’t even believe I managed to snap pics of you this month.  You are one busy beaver.

It’s been a bit of a rough month to be honest, but you are always smiling, despite waking every 2 hours in the night, but you and I had a little stay-cation this weekend and fingers crossed some serious routine-tweaking has put those difficult nights behind us.

You have really garnered some strong opinions about your food in the last 10 days.  You have absolutely no time for any chunky food, and will lock you lips down so tight and refuse to eat if the is even a hint of a mushy pea in your bowl.  You be a baby as long as you want, I won’t mind I promise x.

Your favourite things are doors – safe I know!  You love laying on your belly, one hand on the door, the other supporting your impressive girth, just swinging the door back and forth.  I watch your carefully so we don’t have any accidents as you so love trying to figure out what that big ol heavy hard thing does and why we have so many of them in our house.

Your dogs have got you pretty pegged at this point.  They have seen how quickly you can chase a vacuum cleaner when you want to taste it, so they are giving you a pretty wide berth these days.  Your grabby little paws are like lightening when there is a doggy tail or ear in the vicinity to yank on.

Commando crawling is fully operational.  You have mastered downward dog pose and get up on all fours ready to crawl but haven’t quite figured out how to make those knees start moving.  This is no handicap to you as you can propel yourself around the house just fine thank you very much.

We love you, we love you, we love you.

It has been so special introducing you to your fab Aunt Kaley and Granddaddy Jack this week.  They have come all the way from Florida to kiss your cheeks while you scream DADA at them and I’m pretty sure they think you are ace.


nix7 copy


“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”


ethan: you and daddy took grandaddy jack and aunt kaley on the first great new zealand road trip over the weekend, and boy, did you show them your stuff!  rising from the depths of matai bay with an octopus you had caught with your bare hands riding tandem on your back {never mind that pulling it off left a full size octopus tattoo of bruises behind}.  you are a legend, my feral little man of the sea.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

nixon:  this week has seen your mischief magnify and amplify ten-fold.  i can barely contain you son.  cousin ayla just does not know what to make of you, i imagine her saying “it’s far too early to play rugby nixon, now back away……..and stop eating my ears”.

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“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”


ethan: happy.  cast is off, moon boot on and you made you own {amaze} stuffed crust pizza.  it’s been a good weekend for you x

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

nixon:  the afternoons get so hot.  yes, this is the second week in a row you have been featured sans clothes, however your water play time is just the cutest.

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nixon:  there was really nothing else to do but pop you in a fish bin to cool off this afternoon.  you are perfection little man.


ethan:  my heart is so heavy for you right now.  i worry about your broken bone, how long it will take to heal, your fitness and how to keep you amused without a screen, i feel like you are being robbed of your summer – the very thing we look forward to all year…….. hopefully being back at school tomorrow will inject a well needed dose of normality into your days xx