2015. Start as you mean to continue

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2015 Resolutions Mummy Blog NZ

We’re not quite at the post-Christmas, New Year reflection period yet, but 2014 has been such a great year for me that I’m eager to keep the momentum going and launch into 2015 feeling focused, motivated and goal-directed. This requires a little thinking about what I want to achieve and how I’m going to get there.
I’ve used the four pillars of health identified by Sovereign as; exercise, eating well, sleep and happiness as my starting point for this wee introspective exercise that will hopefully set me on the right path to achieving my personal goals in 2015.


Fitting this is first as it’s something I’m tackling  immediately in the New Year.  Training is underway for my first ever Triathlon!  Yes.  Running.  Swimming.  Cycling.  All in a row.  In one day.

So, I’m feeling good about everything except the cycle.  I don’t have a road bike so have been training on my mountain bike which is not ideal but it has wheels!  Looking further ahead, I need some yoga in my life and am hoping to achieve a touch more balance when Nixon eventually stops breastfeeding and becomes less dependant upon me in the evenings.  This will free me up to schedule some evening classes a couple of times a week and place more value on what I need to do for my body.


Lets just clear the air here;  living on cashews and dates is just not for me, in fact it is so far from me it’s never, e v e r  going to happen.  I like food and I like cooking and I LOVE butter, bacon, chocolate and wine way to much to partake in any raw eating diet.  That said, I am invested in healthy, moderate eating.  There are a few tweaks to be made in 2015;

  1. Increase my daily water intake dramatically – somedays I only take in 500mls!  Eeek
  2. Reduce alcohol consumption
  3. Increase green, alkaline veges
  4. Eliminate my daily chocolate habit
  5. Celebrate guilt free eating and enjoyment of ALL food, when the occasion arises.

Lord, this one’s the easiest.  My husband and I must start going to bed earlier.  Not just landing into the actual bed, but beginning our sleep routine earlier; brushing teeth, getting the dogs settled, taking vitamins {+ in my case medication}, face cleansing routine, reading, playing on the phones………for how long?  Right.  Everything needs to kick off much earlier so we can eliminate this lights off at 11.35pm business.


This one’s the deal breaker; I want 2015 to be the year of happiness.  This year I quit an unfulfilling job that was stressing me out and eating in to my family time.  Since then, I have been able to focus so much more energy on building my own brand via my blog and just simply writing.  This makes me happy and it is this route to happiness that I intend to chase throughout the year in 2015.  

I also want to focus more on relationships; building those that matter to me, working hard on investing in quality family life and recognizing those friends that lift me up and make my heart sing.

So, obviously this is no list of resolutions but a fairly fast & loose road map of how I plan to tackle the year ahead.

#LifeTakeCharge, who’s with me?