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2016 #goals: 5 Reasons to Hydrate and 5 Ways to do it

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Drink More Water

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Drink More WaterI wish I was one of those water chugging babes that effortlessly put back a couple of litres a day……but I’m not.

To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m only drinking a couple of litres a week right now.  That’s freaking horrible!  No wonder I’m feeling so tired and generally under-the-weather in what is without doubt the busiest month of the year for me right now – as I’m sure it is for many of you too.

Forget the traditional, wanton new Year’s resolutions, I actually have to implement some serious change come January 1st as I can’t keep living at break-neck speed, scraping through each day by the skin of my teeth, barely remembering important appointments, meetings and family commitments.  I’ve got to slow down, figure out a work schedule that actually works (!) and start taking better care of myself and my amazing family.  Increasing my water intake is at the top of my list.  

5 reasons why we need to stay hydrated;

  1. Vanity.  Plain and simple.  When I’m dehydrated my aging, 36 year old skin looks lackluster, dry and doughy.  Yuck.  Dehydrated skin loses its plumpness resulting in wrinkles that are more apparent and papery.  Hit the water cooler to keep your selfie game looking fresh guys!
  2. Slim ‘n Trim.  If this is your jam then you’re going to want to stay hydrated.  Often I mistake thirst for hunger and head to the pantry instead of the water filter.  Tsk tsk.  Knocking back a big glass of water when those faux hunger pangs hit may just help keep those calories off your hips!
  3. Clear head.  Whether it’s self-inflicted (did Mummy have a bad day and reach for the wine?  ME.  TOO) or from natural causes, water can help relieve headache symptoms and maybe get rid of them all together!  Headaches and fatigue are common sign of dehydration so drink up – especially during any ‘festive’ celebrations this summer!
  4. Energy.  Fluid loss can be detrimental to working memory, mood, brain function, motivation and feelings of anxiety and fatigue.  I’ve got enough external factors contributing to that list of ailments so compounding those influences with self-inflicted dehydration has got to stop!
  5. Support Kidney & Bowel Function.  I’m not going to go into detail here, but there’s a couple of important points to note;  when you’re dehydrated your body pulls water from wherever it can find it, often from stool in the bowel which in turn makes it harder and more difficult to pass.    Keeping hydrated helps kidneys eradicate waste and toxins from the body and dilutes the salts and minerals present in urine that can cause kidney stones.  Ouchie!

These reasons don’t just apply to me but to our whole family.  Nix has a surgically shortened bowel so hydration is super-important for him and Ethan is 11 so makes a point of forgetting anything that is remotely good for him lol.

SodaStream makes water more exciting for both Ethan and I.  I love using it to make sparkling water – adding freshly squeezed lemon is the perfect pick-me-up to keep on my desk while I’m writing, or as a base for a refreshing summer cocktail (also whilst I’m writing lol).  I love being able to eliminate sugary soft drinks but still be prepared with a classic mixer when we entertain.

SodaStream are heating things up this summer, post a pic on social media of how you make water more exciting in summer and include #sodastreamnz to be in the draw to win one of five SodaStream summer packs worth $180!

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Drink More Water





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  1. Would love a Sodastream for the kids this summer. Plus yes a big believer of drinking water. Always have lots of drink bottles filled in the fridge for me and the kids. They get a ice cold bottle with dinner and they take drink bottles to bed. Every second drink in our house has to be water not just juice juice juice.

  2. I have been longing for a soda stream for so long now, I am a nurse so do a lot of night shift and I no it would help me stay vitalised and refreshed!

  3. weeee, posted on instagram. I love adding frozen berries to help keep it cool and add flavour, and some fresh mint! #sodastreamnz

  4. I drink more than I used to as I’m back at the gym. I’ve noticed my skin on my hands is better.great prize would be great for my family

  5. If I won I would give it to my parents as they have one of the original soda streams, with the glass bottles, and could use an upgrade

  6. I have been wanting a soda stream for ages!! My coke zero addiction is adding up haha, and I need to drink more water! Totally entering this

  7. Good ideas trying to get the family to drink more water. I try my best to stay hydrated especially in the heat.

  8. I fizz my wine but my soda stream works when it wants to id love to win this its so amazing pic posted on instagram good luck all

  9. I drink 3-4L a day and I have to attribute so much of it to my Sodastream – I keep bottles of water in the fridge so they’re cold and ready to fizz when we want something cool and refreshing (which also means less temptation to reach for sugary soft drinks)

  10. A great reminder. I find if I don’t keep my water intake up I get those 3pm sugar cravings but like you I really have to work hard at making sure I drink enough.

  11. #sodastreamnz loving the fizz. Makes everyday bright @thebestnestnz and pink grapefruit rocks @thebestnest #BNxNB.

  12. I have wanted to get a sodastream for myself n my family for yonks.. Especially myself..I’ve had a lot of health problems and i truly think along with a nutri bullet a soda stream would help me immensely.. If I was financially able I would have brought one along time ago..

  13. I wrote my comment saying that..please.. Please..Pppplllleeeeaaaasssseee.. A sodastream would be the answer to a prayer for myself and my youngest son..x

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