Share the joy

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”


nixon: your last days of babyhood are upon us!  you walk when you feel like it, you talk all day long, you are stroppy and know what you want and you are the most delicious, happy baby we have ever known.  i am so looking forward to celebrating your first birthday this week.  where this year has gone, i can’t even fathom.


ethan: we headed to waiwera on a whim on sunday and scooped up one of your besties on the way.  we had such fun!  it was a relief to shake off our rather stringent naptime routine and just roll with the punches for a day.  you definitely appreciated having a day that didn’t revolve around your wee brother and it made me realise that it’s ok to throw routine out the window every once in a while.

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