35 Weeks Preggo

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Oh Lordy. How’dya like that 8 pound bump o’ baby? At this stage it’s like I’m carrying a bowling ball around, he is SO heavy.
I am;
– Exhausted
– Uncomfortable in bed, ergo not sleeping well
– Worried about how how big this kid and I are going to get if he hangs in there to term, (visions of Octo-Mom are further tormenting my sleep)
– Finding day to day tasks more difficult, bending down is nigh on impossible
– Still working and enjoying it
– Very very excited
– Very very much looking forward to sushi
– Missing my lovely clothes and looking forward to shopping once I lose some weight!
– Loving that E came to the growth scan this week with me, it was his first of the whole pregnancy and it was awesome. Because the hippo is so big it was easy for E to understand what he was seeing on the ultrasound. Leftover paranoia from my miscarriage that was discovered via a routine ultrasound – with E present – meant that Dave and I have gone to all previous scans sans E.

35_weeks_pregnantSkirt: Egg maternity, passed on from a friend
Tights: KMart
Tank: Oversized from Cotton On
Top: Kmart

Jacket: Esprit
Shoes: Sperry