5 More Minutes – Me and Them

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It’s one of the defining catch-cries of modern kids, one that seems to defy age, gender and geographical constraints.  Whatever it is that kids are doing and enjoying, they always want 5 more minutes of it.

Enough is never enough, ‘done’ infrequently means ‘I’m actually finished’ and ‘NOW’ is 9/10 times debated – at least in my house if I’m being honest!

When thinking about this post, the difference between what my kids wish they had 5 more minutes of and what I would love to spend 5 more minutes on is hilarious in it’s juxtaposition.

My 5 More Minutes Wishlist

  1. Sleep.  I would love 5 more minutes of sleep every day.  Shit, I would love 5 more minutes of sleep every hour, a cumulative total over the day that I could cash in each night.  But that’s a ludicrous thought (and awfully sexy lol).
  2. Bathroom.  More time in the bathroom, even just 5 more minutes each day could possibly change my life.  I’m serious.  This blogging gig I’m trying to run here sometimes means I have to present a semi-professional facade on occasion.  Hell, professionalism aside, I actually SHOULD shower each day.  5 golden moments of door-shut, kid free bathroom time would be bliss and prob do wonders for my mood and confidence.
  3. Sitting.  Some days I fall into bed around midnight and realise that I didn’t sit down all day long.  Not once.  Mum life is rough man, the hours are terrible, the pay is shit and you don’t get regular breaks lol.  More sitting please.
  4. Socialising.  If I had 5 more minutes to talk – to ADULTS – my world would be a better place.  Stimulating, riveting conversation in which I LEARN something, or am inspired by someone would be a tremendous coup for the part of my brain that is currently overflowing with the names of Wiggles and assorted construction equipment.
  5. Sleep.  Oh I already mentioned that?  See above x 2.

My Kids 5 More Minutes Wishlist

  1. Pantry.  The boys are constantly IN the pantry.  It’s not a walk in pantry but they still like to hangout in there, just looking, thinking about food, deciding on what they’re going to request next.  If they could have 5 more minutes of unimpeded scavenging time they would be in heaven I tell you.  This is the stuff dreams are made of for Ethan and Nixon!
  2. Semi-nudity.  Clothing and footwear irritates the boys no end.  Like seriously pisses them off.  Ethan is 11 and this past winter was the first in his life in which he came home from school actually wearing shoes on some days!  In winter.  Nixon is the same.  Every day, every change from pyjamas to clothes and back again is a fight I’d pay money not to have.  Our two feral kids would love five more minutes of clothing optional time, every day for the rest of their lives.
  3. Screen-time.  What kid doesn’t want 5 more minutes to spend on their devices?  Look, we’ve been through this before I know, I’m a blogger, I love my tech and I love it with me 99% of the time.  But that’s not going to fly with kids, they can make those choices when they’re old enough to apply some perspective.  Ethan is getting harder to regulate but I’ve got a new tool in my arsenal when it comes to Nixon.  One of his favourite shows, DinoTrux has added 5 Minute Favourites to their offering on Netflix.  Bite sized viewing perfection to help me out when I’m in a jam or Nix needs some enforced downtime.  LOVE it.
  4. Dad.  Dad time is the best apparently.  Everyone wants more of it, notably when Dad is walking out the door or away on a work trip.  Every.  Single.  Time.  Proves difficult when you are not in fact ‘Dad’ and have to deal with the aftermath, but all in all not a terrible situation.
  5. Outside.  This one I have no qualms about, but herding my kids through the door and locking it behind them after dark/in a cyclone/at dinner time often necessitates the skill of a United Nations negotiator.  Exhausting, often requiring tricks or bribes and repetition on a daily basis.  I’m tired.
  6. Awake.  I have no idea why small people are so adverse to sleeping but life is cruel and ironic.  At the time in our lives when we are ‘adulting’, more tired than ever, working hard, often stressed – along come our little cherubs who are keen to avoid sleep at all times.  Nixon is currently waking at 4am, which is totally killing us!  Kids LOVE 5 more minutes before bed right?  Every.  Damn. Time.

Top Mummy Blog new ZealandIf you had 5 more minutes each day what would you use if for {aside from reading The Best Nest obviously!}