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That’s the time the alarm goes off.  My alarm.  It isn’t Ethan, it’s a real clock and it goes off each morning to wake me up.

After four years of SAH-mumming, getting a job is a very interesting thing, and has very interesting effects on our daily routine.  Or my daily routine at the very least.  No-one else notices my gainful employment too much except for Louie – and he is hating it – I might even say that he is back on the brink of depression.

So today I was out of the house for 10 hours in a row!  I know.  That is a lot of time out of the house, my house, the place where I love to be more than anything.  Here’s a quick recap;

  • leave for work @ 8am
  • work 8.30-11.30
  • pick E-man up from kindy
  • go straight to playground for lunch and play (can’t go home first too far)
  • off to swimming
  • back to work
  • mum scoops up E-man
  • work til 5.30
  • meet Dad, scoop E-man
  • home @ 6pm

Then….fill Ethan’s tummy get him in bed with a story by 7pm and all of the usual household stuff I normally have a whole week to do.  I know I have it relatively easy as Dave vacuumed this morning before he left for work and also made tomorrow nights dinner (he’s a legend for sure xxxx).  Funny thing is, even though we did not plan for this job, it just happened, our routine is adapting and we are all getting used to Mummy actually having shit to do.  I haven’t been happier for a long time, yes I have had a stressful week, a print deadline that was exacerbated by meddling, erroneous workmates but I finished the job and all is well.  It’s 9.30, I am in bed and exhausted and trying to figure out how to do all of the above and pass two papers this semester.  Studying is the only thing falling by the wayside, but that is always the case and I haven’t failed yet!