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Project 365:  Week 4
The week that was Monday January 18th – Sunday January 24th, 2010

Monday - It is so dry, only the weeds in the lawn are growing

Tuesday - Ethan is mad about Pokemon and despite our best efforts we cannot find any stores that still stock the toys here. Ethan is a bit behind the times it seems. But, there are Pokemon a-plenty on Ebay. So little boy gathered up whatever currency he could muster, including ALL of his pocket money and Christmas money and gave it to me so we could buy the Pokeball of his dreams. And a little boy waits. Now we just have to survive until the package finally arrives from the states.

Wednesday - Ethan was called upon to rescue our neighbour Sarah from a giant Weta that was dozing on her couch. He was no match for Big E and his Creeper Keeper. Tagged and released of course!

Thursday - These were so velvety and vibrant in the midst of the dry brown garden I couldn't resist.

Friday - Ethan has been spending the days I work with his Nana and they ALWAYS do something fun. Like fish for sprats. Boy-child that hair.....

Saturday - Was rainy and dull and cold. So we cooked; muffins, fruit leather and homemade strawberry ice-cream.

Sunday - There are no words for how much I love this child and his Daddy, who strum and sing and enjoy EVERYTHING together.