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7 Days of Happy………boobs

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Ohhh bras.  

And boobs.

I’ve mentioned before how I’m just not that into boobs.  I’d take a smashing set of pins over voluptuous cleavage any day of the week.  Boobs are just located way  too close to my mid-section (especially after two rounds of 12mth+ beastfeeding breastfeeding haha!) and I’m really not a fan of that part of my body.  

Given this state of affairs, bras must meet one, very important criteria; comfort.  I don’t care about maxing out cleavage and spilling out of a V-neck, I have never purchased a “Wonder Bra” and probably never will.  I care about comfort.  And also lace texture not showing through t-shirts, I hate that!

Enter the Berlei Seven Day Challenge.

Top Mummy Blog new ZealandI was asked to wear nothing but the new Berlei Sensation bras for 7 days and report back.  Are these really the most comfortable bras ever made?  That’s a big claim right?

The two bras I chose for my challenge were the Sensation Contour Bra in skin and the Lace Contour Bra in black.  Predictable and suitably casual – perfect styles for me!

Out of the bag the softest, most luxe feeling bras I’ve ever felt in my life!  On the boobs – the softest and most luxe feeling bras I’ve ever felt in my life!  The inside lining is this amaze suedeish stuff which I’ve never seen on any bra before.  The straps are perfection, no cutting in to rogue back fat or anything, the underwires are barely there – I can’t feel them at all, and, the kicker, I sleep in mine.  

These are the bras you will wear for 2 days, then look for in the clean laundry so you can put them straight back on.  I’ve never actually cared two hoots about bras but now I do, I care about all the ones I own that aren’t Berlei Sensation Bras!  There is no comparison.  These are definitively the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn.

RRP from $59.95, available from Farmers and other key stockists.

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand