7 Days

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7 Days Seven days = 168 hours.

I figure I spent about 42 of those hours sleeping and 100 hours cleaning the juicer so that leaves 26 hours I am unable to account for!  WTH.

What do I do with myself all day?  

This week has just whizzed by in a blur.  There were many highlights such as;

  • Discovering Nixon discovering the bastard dogs favourite way to torment me {this happened as we were about to leave the house to go grocery shopping >>>> praise be for Countdown, I have SO much time for online shopping, oh look, that’s another 30min accounted for!}.  In non-Melissa speak this means that Dash shit on the carpet and Nixon had a great time massaging his toys with it FML.
  • Discovering Nixon had discovered a full Damp Rid pot in an open cupboard {this happened as we were about to leave the house for the first time in 4 days – it was VERY sunny & lovely…through the windows as I washed, floors, toys and books, couches and shoes}
  • Discovering E has discovered how babies are made (about time, maybe this year we won’t have to wrap presents from Santa?) and is worrying about his future participation in said method {insert wine here}
  • Discovering my husband is awesome even in the face of being fully let down by a friend, BOO
  • Discovering that listening to a tradie-mates views on Mums wearing workout tights 24-7 when they never, ever work out is just about the funniest thing ever!
  • Discovering that TV on the internet is just about the best thing since sliced bread, holla at your girl LIGHTBOX! (Try it free for 30 days yo welcome)
  • Discovering that resigning from one job actually just gives you extra time to do more of all the other stuff ergo LESS time then before, I can’t figure this out HALP!