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A better way to TV

Around eight years ago when we moved our little family from San Diego to Auckland we ‘splashed out’ and purchased our first flat screen TV.  A massive (!) 32″ Sony Bravia that we paid way too much for by today’s standards.  It was and still is a really great TV – perfect for our second lounge which runs the daily gauntlet of life with Ethan and Nixon.  

Bucking the consumer trend of unnecessary obsolescence, we have held on to our seemingly prehistoric TV despite its lack of built in digital access.  After the digital switchover in 2012/2013 we purchased a Freeview box so we could continue to use the old girl to enjoy regular programming.  It was an inexpensive and easy option as we weren’t and still are not interested in a Sky subscription.

Fast forward to 2015 and Freeview’s had a wee makeover! Top Mummy Blog new Zealand FreeviewPlus is the newest service on offer, bringing On Demand to your TV and as the tagline states, it’s definitely ‘a better way to TV’.  It comes built in to the latest TV’s on the market from all of the major players such as LG, Panasonic, Sony and Samsung.  For those of us with slightly ‘older’ models a new aerialbox is available with loads of new features.

There are so many ways to use FreeviewPlus, I feel like I’m only scraping the surface at the moment – pretty sure this free service is going to become a fast favourite in the Jack house.

With two super active kids, my husband travelling a lot, a wonderful Nana who is an integral part of our household splitting her time between Auckland and sunny Northland and me trying to squeeze in blogging at all hours of the day and night ::yawn::, keeping up with the TV schedule is not too much of a priority.  This is going to become more and more apparent as we head into summer and we all want to maximise our outdoor time rather than sit on the couch.  As such, any service offering our family a flexible, smart way to keep up with our favourite shows adds a lot of value to what time we do allocate to relaxing with some TV.

I’ve had a great play with this service and have identified my 3 FreeviewPlus Favourite Features;

Enhanced FreeviewPlus TV Guide  Despite our rather fast and loose model to watching TV, here are shows that we are quite ‘invested‘ in lol.  Shorty, Peppa Pig, Robson Green, The Block, Masterchef, The Voice……..but we certainly don’t plan our lives around our TV schedule!   The new enhanced FreeviewPlus TV Guide eliminates the possibility of a day without Peppa by letting me roll back up to 8 days to mitigate any toddler-withdrawal-tantrum situations.  I like.

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand
This is the TV Guide: using the side arrows on the remote you can move back and forth over the programming of the past 8 days, skipping ahead or going back 24 hours using the coloured button shortcuts (bottom right of the screen).

Favourites Menu

This is an easy way to navigate, record shows (just plug a USB storage device into the aerial box), set reminders or watch on demand episodes.  Just add shows you love to your personal favourites menu for easy access.Top Mummy Blog new Zealand

Easy Browsing

Not sure what to watch?  Check out the featured shows or browse by TV, Movies or On Demand Content.  Within each category you can view all offerings within a particular genre.  I selected TV > Kids and could immediately view all kids content currently available to view – TV is now super easy to filter! Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Mummy Blog new Zealand

FreeviewPlus is available to purchase from leading electronics retailers nationwide (e.g. The Warehouse, Noel Leeming, JB Hifi, Harvey Norman, Dick Smiths, Smiths City etc.) To browse the 2015 range go to

To be in to win a FreeviewPlus AerialBox of your own, just complete the steps required using the Rafflecopter Widget below.  

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  1. I watch TV on Freeview but our box is now getting weary & just cuts out – I would be absolutely thrilled to have one that doesn’t need toilet breaks or indeed doesn’t have attitude.

  2. At the moment I have Sky and Lightbox but definitely looking for a way to ditch Sky and perhaps Freeview is the answer!

  3. We would love this! We currently have my sky br I’d love to be able to put this in the man cave for my hubby 😉

  4. Ohh thanks for this post, I was looking at getting one for the family at Christmas but wasn’t sure what it did exactly. I’m a massive Netflix lover but this would be fantastic and the interface/look of it looks great, I have having to navigate difficult pages

  5. We’ve been using netflix, since our freeview box died (or something – I’m no technowizz), but I do miss using watching stuff on full screen. This looks like the best of both worlds – being able to choose your own shows, but without having to hover over your laptop! Great post, Melissa! I might look into this!

  6. A FreeviewPlus AerialBox is what’s missing from our busy home to with 3 young lads. This nre service looks the goods from Freeview.

  7. I my-sky but really want to save for a house so this awesome feeview box would be the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. we have an old freeview box and lol when it rains too much we get what is called rain fade apparently which supposedly is the reason why we sometimes dont get a signal thankfully it doesnt happen often tho

  9. We currently use a combination of Live TV (Freeview) and recorded on a PVR as well as Lightbox on occasion. We can still completely loose our signal when the weather is bad (and the internet is pretty shocking then too)

  10. I watch tv through our sky tv but id love one these for my mum, she dont have a freeview or anything and has been wanting one for such a long time. This would be a wonderful Christmas Gift for her

  11. I think our old freeview box is on it’s way out. To be fair, we did get a budget one off trademe, it’s about 6 years old but it keeps freezing all the time. We’d love a REAL freeview box 🙂

  12. We have Sky. And Freeview built into out TV. I’d love this for our other TV that doesn’t have Sky though.

  13. I freeview this would be awesome to win as maybe then I could actually get to see some of the programmes I like on Fri or Sat evenings when I have time to watch TV 🙂

  14. We just have built in freeview but our tv watching sounds like yours – definitely watch most of it on demand and therefore have been looking forward to this type of technology.

  15. We use freeview and the recording function on our T.V. but it often cuts off halfway through or misses the last few minutes! This looks like a great solution!

  16. Wow!! whole other level of tv watching….how cool. Sorry to say it buty guilty as charged using tv as a 10-20min sanity saver and timeout from my active boys at times.

  17. We have Sky on one tv, freeview on another, netflix an dlightbox as well. We are going to get rid of sky as we mostly watch online content. freeview is much better than sky tv in our opinion.

  18. We have regular tv via free view but as we have a baby we tend to miss what we are watching haha. Would be great to win this so we can save shows and actually get to watch them!

  19. We have sky but would love to change to freeview as am finding it hard to pay each month. Thank you for the opportunity. 🙂

  20. OMGOSHNESS this looks amazing!!! we are still rocking the old school box tv and our freeview box only picks up 4 channels, lucky one of those is TV2 lol. but we would love so much to have one of these. they look amazing and would be such a huge upgrade just in time for the xmas holidays 🙂

  21. TVNZ On demand via my phone. Seldom get to watch sky on our TV as its always taken over by little ones or Cricket.

  22. I don’t have an instagram account so can’t complete all of the necessary requirements to enter, but would so love this. Would make watching TV that much more enjoyable. Thanks so much <3

  23. I have built in freeview on my main tv only and other 2 are for watching movies or gaming as they dont have freeview

  24. I have sky but i could easily change over to freeview as Sky don’t treat their customers very well. Fingers crossed

  25. What a great prize! Would absolutely love to win. We have nothing like this in our house. Awesome xmas pressie for the family 😀

  26. We love our ChromeCast for watching things we’ve missed on tv- otherwise it’s Freeview built into our Tv that we enjoy ?

  27. Wow, this looks like something that would go down a treat at our place! With a hubby working split shifts, this would be perfect for organising some much-needed down-time cuddling on the couch with a show -one he’d normally miss out on no less! Awesome for our kiddies too, especially for those neat movies they miss as it is time for bed! Thanks for the opportunity to enter the draw 🙂

  28. And my husband thought he was the only one in NZ without Sky!! We have an original Freeview box too but boy oh boy! This looks fantastic, to be able to record all those things I wish I could see but life gets in the way would be awesome & On Demand. Thanks for the opportunity to win 😉

  29. We haven’t had free tv reception since analogue was turned off in April 2013. I have been watching the odd show with tvondemand, but otherwise have had to find new hobbies lol.

  30. I watchED TV on an older TV with an original black box…but it has just gone poof last night in the middle of The hoo..I’ll have to watch on line!

  31. We have only sky and this is limited to the lounge be nice to have Freeview in the room and this biz looks amazing

  32. Would love to win and be able to actually see some good movies & programmes instead of snow on the screen lol

  33. We currently use Vodafone TV which has similar functionality to MySky – but I would love this Freeview box so we aren’t tied to Vodafone as our ISP 😀

  34. YAAAAAAAAAAS please! I’m going to have a few months off with my wee man due in March and this would be perfect to just chill out to in our downtime!

  35. We have Lightbox and it’s fantastic, the selection of shows is brilliant. I watch very little tv now but do miss flipping through the channels weirdly enough.

  36. This sounds rather cool. So much better than the basic freeview box we have. Half the time we can’t even view the schedule and the shows freeze heaps…

  37. We use Free View on TV and tv on demand on phone when wanting to see something at a time that more convenient
    would love a FreeviewPlus AerialBox

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