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A New Christmas Tradition to Share

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Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Gift

To be honest, my Christmas mojo totally needed a big fat injection of Festive Spirit this year.  December has arrived in all of it’s red-velveted glory but my head was still back in September.  Where oh where did spring go?

One thing that never fails to get me in the Christmas mood is seasonal baking – whipping up shortbread, gingerbread and other pretty treats for friends, family and the kid’s coaches and teachers is a sure-fire way to shake off seasonal doldrums and get pumped about giving and gifting.  Usually this requires some prep, some checking of recipes, purchasing ingredients and packaging cellophane, angst in the kitchen, much mess, kids underfoot hustling for scraps………

……..actually that’s every day lol.

This Christmas one of New Zealand’s most iconic brands has created a gorgeous gift that’s guaranteed to inspire every lucky recipient to bust out the José Feliciano and get down with Santa. Not actually with Santa but …….. you know what I mean!

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Gift

Meet the new Superstar of the Christmas gift aisle at your local supermarket – The Tasti Tin of Tremendousness.  A kiwiana style collectible tin (the PERFECT size for your Christmas Cake!) complete with everything you need to whip up your own Tasti Choc Almond Christmas Tree.  So easy I let the kids do it, and I mean, I really did let the kids do it.  Together even!  

That wasn’t such a good idea in hindsight.Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Gift Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Gift

When we realised that Nixon was entirely focused upon eating all of the ingredients himself he was removed from the equation and Ethan did a wonderful job of finishing what was our first Christmas cooking activity for 2015.  

Ethan had no trouble following the directions, melting the chocolate, combining the ingredients and moulding the mixture to the star stencil.  I may have taste tested at this point and ah-maze-ing!!!!
Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Gift Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Gift

We were a tad skeptical about how these ‘piles’ of deliciousness would transform into a Christmas Tree, but after an hour or so in the fridge, the chocolate had hardened and some beautiful stars emerged which then took 5 minutes to assemble in tree form.

I love this project!  It’s super quick, very kid friendly, all of the ingredients are in the tin and it literally screams ‘Christmas!  Christmas!  I’m ready for you!’.  Purchasing the annual Tin of Tremendousness will become a new Christmas Tradition for our family for years to come I hope!

Obviously the Choc Almond Christmas Tree will be a lovely addition to the dessert table on The Big Day, but in the meantime, this is a seriously stunning gift for anyone who loves baking or creating their own Christmas treats, plus, I think this would make an awesome gift for kids who love spending time in the kitchen!  

Pick up your on Tasti Tin of Tremendousness from supermarkets nationwide RRP$15.99 or, try your luck at winning one here!  Comment on this post or enter via the widget below – don’t worry if it says closed – competition will be drawn Sunday 20th @10pm.

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Gift