A Little Boy in Uniform

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Birthday Invitation

The day I have been secretly dreading for oh….five years is nearly here.  Ethan is starting school in 7 days.

My little mate who talks to me non-stop all day long, who loves sharks and hates lions because they kill Cheetahs is starting school.

The last few months have been wonderful and sad for me but so exciting for him as he counts the days until he is ‘a big boy’.  He is certain that he will wake up next Saturday and be bigger, stronger and smarter than ever before, god help us.

The details of his party are all his.  Why we let him talk us out of having his party at Chipmunks I will never know, but according to Ethan there were grave problems with the hanging of the pinata inside the party room and that just wouldn’t do!

As he put his uniform on for the first time on Friday to go to his first school visit, I could barely keep the tears from showing (I am struggling even as I type this!), but I am so proud of what an amazing, smart, caring and passionate little guy he has grown up to be.

I love you with all my heart Ethan xxxx