Changing Moods

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One month on and the stress of moving house {2 houses in our case} is fading and life is settling into a new routine; one which feels deliciously concrete and complete.

As we packed, cleaned, organized then reversed the process in our new house and then threw a box of spanners in the works by beginning renovations the first week in, it was easy to think that Ethan was cruising along, oblivious to the process and going about his 7yo life.

In hindsight, as we struggled with 2 weeks of bad behaviour, talking back and being mean to his friends, I see that even though he wasn’t burdened with the actual physical and mental process of the move, the emotional lack of control he was experiencing was having a large effect on his behaviour.

Though we knew where most things were, or at the very least in which general direction, Ethan knew nothing.  He didn’t know which boxes contained his things, when those boxes would be opened, where his books were or even who would pick him up from school that day.  How unsettling must that feel when you’re 7.5?

But we and he have survived, he has had a much better week and has been trying extra hard both at home and at school.  I have been giving him more of my time and remembering to say YES, I would LOVE to play with you {on the rare occasions he asks}.