A Weather Bomb

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One Saturday a mighty Weather Bomb was ‘supposed’ to hit Auckland.  In fact the Weather Bomb was SO big the whole North Island was under a gale warning.  Oh my!

I was quite sure that there would be nothing better to do during a Weather Bomb than to watch movies together and bake yummy treats.  Ethan agreed, though it wasn’t us he wanted to watch movies with.  So off he went, cookies in hand, to a movie date with his wee mates.  I finally got a chance to use my new cookie cutters Mum found for me though!

Louie glues himself to the kitchen floor as soon as one of us pulls the flour from the pantry.  Damn if that crazy dog doesn’t love baked goods more than meat.

In lieu of twiddling our thumbs, we dusted off some errands, found the perfect frame for my Anthony Maxey print {which I will wait to frame and hang in our new house!!!!};

….and we enjoyed a few sneaky beers FOR FREE courtesy of our wonderful 95Bfm Bcards {get yours here}, Hallertau those shocking ribs in January have almost been forgiven : ).

We eventually returned home and Dave whipped up the most amazing pesto from basil growing on our windowsill, cashews, Parmesan, black pepper and evoo.  Can’t get enough;

I cooked a rib roast, snapped an amaze sunset, got so angry when stupid people made my Mama cry and sorted it all out.  Wine anyone?