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Soft Baby Shoes

Nix was recently fortunate enough to be gifted a wee pair of toddler shoes from the range at  After struggling to settle on a style from the huge number of options I eventually chose a pair from the Marine range – because I’m a HUGE sucker for anything with stripes on it!  When they arrived a few days later I was quite surprised at how completely different the Attipas were to any other baby shoe I had ever seen.  Which, they should be really.  Baby’s feet are not like those of adults so it doesn’t make much sense to squish and force them into hard, solid soled shoes that do nothing to assist a child’s burgeoning sense of balance and coordination.  My initial reaction was that they were a bit strange, but this was quickly put to rest the second I put them on Nixon. 

Toddler Shoes

Attipas are seriously as light as a feather and as easy to put on as a pair of socks!  Nix’s feet are like little sledgehammers; they are huge and chunky and squeezing them into shoes is a mission so he and I both welcomed the relief of some easy-on shoes.  So, so many things to love here;

  1. These didn’t fall off once either at the beach or charging around the yard at home
  2. Attipas are super-flexible with so much room in the toe, Nix looked so steady on his feet whilst wearing them
  3. They were pretty dirty after playing outdoors all day and cleaning them was as easy as pulling them off and popping them in the washing machine.

These little shoes have been designed with the goal of being as beneficial for developing minds and bodies as walking barefoot, and I’m genuinely happy to recommend them.  Shop online at

Baby Shoes

Toddler Shoes