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A few months ago, ok, 6 months ago, when Nix was fresh and new and having a lot of problems feeding I received this strange looking wee cup in the mail for review.  As I was having so much trouble getting him to breast feed I was loathe to try anything that might muddy the waters any further.  We got over that hump pretty quickly thank goodness but now the summer heat and Nixon’s complete bottle abhorrence have combined to exacerbate recurring constipation in the poor chap.  Not that it bothers him at all or causes him any pain thank goodness, but hydration is of mucho importance right now.

I introduced the Doidy Cup to him about two months ago with immediate success – my baby who hates a bottle and is completely un-coordinated with a traditional sippy cup can drink with ease and drink a substantial amount from this oddly shaped cup.  We now use this exclusively every day in addition to breast feeding to up Nixon’s fluid intake with boiled water.  Such a great solution for us, we love it!  The cups design is so simple, but makes so much sense that I’m sure a mama must have designed it!  RRP $15.



The cup was provided to me for editorial consideration, but all opinions expressed are my own



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