Acquisitions | SAM the Sleep Trainer Clock & Nightlight

Acquisitions | SAM the Sleep Trainer Clock & Nightlight

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 Sleep Trainer Sam


SAM the Sleep Trainer has moved into Nixon’s room courtesy of Zazu and I’m quite taken with him to be honest!  He’s cute, functional and does what he’s told at bedtime – listen up kiddos lol.
Nix is definitely too young at 16 months to use SAM to his full potential, but we have started closing his eyes at bedtime and nap time (Nix enjoys helping with this), telling him ‘night night’ and noticing that SAM’s eyes are open/awake when we go in after naps or in the morning.  Programming SAM to work with our sleep schedule was really easy, with a predetermined wake up time – we have chosen 6.30am with no alarm on so we can talk about Sam’s eyes being open when Nix wakes up and gets out of his cot.  During nap time we tell Sam to wake up after 100 minutes, again with no alarm sounding, forever hopeful that Nix will go the full two hours!
When Nixon is old enough to comprehend things like ‘mummy doesn’t drink coffee so you need to stay in bed!’ SAM will help with two different visual cues.  At bed time his screen will turn blue, half an hour before wake up time (when SAM will open his eyes) it will turn green meaning, ‘hold on for a bit longer’.  Exactly how long is shown by 12 stars that disappear one by one over the remaining 30 minutes.
This clock makes so much sense to me now I have used it and watched Nix get quite fond of the process.  I’m pretty certain his familiarity with SAM as a nightlight over the next 6 months or so will help immensely when we get down to the business end of staying in bed untill SAM opens his eyes.

Sleep Trainer SAM runs on battery or AC power and is available from numerous retailers nationwide for $69.99, just Google him!