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Acquisitions | Tiny Eyes Winter Collab Doll

IMG_5509When Dee (who is the amaze creative behind Tiny Eyes Dolls first posted the sketch of the Little Lion Boy I knew he had to be mine Nixon’s.  As the auction for the collaboration dolls drew to a close I was at my Nana’s enjoying a birthday lunch. Nana has dial-up so I had to rely on my phone to win the auction via Facebook comments. Stressy!
Luckily buying stuff is totally my jam and the gorgeous Lion Boy arrived yesterday. We love him!
The details are perfection, he is WAY bigger than I anticipated and will be loved in this family for a long time.
Tiny_Eyes_2 Tiny_Eyes_1



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  1. He is GORGEOUS! Reminds me of 'Where The Wild Things Are'! n nWe have a Tiny Eyes All Black doll for my boy, a heirloom that he'll have forever!

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