The Age Gap = A Very L O N G Week


Pass the wine.  

For the past 13 months I have been self-righteously patting myself on the back, mentally high-fiving because the huge age gap between our kids has been a huge non-event.  And truth be told it hasn’t been difficult in any of the ways one would expect;

  • Ethan has not been jealous of his little at all
  • If anything juggling a newborn with a very busy 8.5 year old was only minutely difficult
  • E loves playing with nix and vice versa
  • E delights in all of his bro’s developmental milestones and is as proud as punch of his wee brother.
  • These two are so close and adore each other in a way that is going to result in the strongest bond that they will treasure as they grow older.

There has been a storm quietly brewing though.  Stewing and simmering, rearing it’s head every now again amidst protestations against iPad time limits and run of the mill simple requests are being constantly met with opposition and resistance.

It’s doing my freaking head in people.  

I have to admit, The Age Gap problem is real and it’s pretty much living in my head.  Changing channels between the totally transparent requirements of 13 month old Nixon and the ever-changing, complex analysis and head-nodding required to keep pre-tween E on an even keel is SO HARD.  I almost cried and ran to my room about 17 times this week.

Big is going through a phase which apparently requires compulsory attempts at control of all situations and as many arguments as you can fit in the day.  Thank god I have a hair appointment on Saturday as I can actually see my grey hairs growing before my eyes.

So.  That’s life at the moment.  In baby news, Nixon’s bum rash has stopped bleeding and his appointment today with the surgical team went really well!  He also loves meatloaf and making animal sounds.  Yah age gap!



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10 thoughts on “The Age Gap = A Very L O N G Week”

  1. Oh and I hear you – someone in our house lost their bedroom door for a week after slamming it TOOOOO many times! #shit
    REALLY looking forward to that coffee . . . sounds like we both need it –

  2. Bleh! I suppose you've all had so much to deal with re hospital visits etc! About time someone acted out!?? I had no idea E is only 8??? Did I read that right??? I though he was at least 11/12??

    1. Hey Soph, E will be 10 at the end of November, the age gap is 8.5 years. 99% of the time it's totally awesome, I'm just having a bitch lol xx

  3. Such a cool post. I mean, I know it's about something that's a total BUMMER but the WAY you wrote it was totally cool. MEDIOCRE mummy blogging since ages ago?? I think not! haha. x

  4. Hormones hormones hormones! Man they are evil little suckers! for young and older 😉 Hang in there, and here's hoping next week is more calm xx

  5. I was going to offer some sage parenting advice but it all sounds condescending so I'll simply say, one foot in front of the other. How's that for hopeless advice?

  6. I've just found your blog and amongst the cool recipes, saw this and had to comment. It's not just a big age gap, mine are 2 years apart (20mths & 3.5 going on 13) and it is hard, hard, hard!! I take my hat off to you for hanging in there. This motherhood game is a bitch sometimes. Hope you had that wine x

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