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Kath Leopard Flat~ Overland $179

It feels like I had been searching for the perfect pair of leopard flats for my whole life, {a teensy exaggeration, but, the hunt has been on for well over a year}.  I found these at Overland whilst searching for the perfect tan boots {that’s another post}.  They are super soft and comfy, with a ‘hairy’? outer, but what I really love about them is the contrast toe.  Let’s face it, ballet flats can be boring, but this black toe cap adds definition and a touch of interest to a pretty safe shoe.  I love these flats, possibly even more than usual as I don’t require assistance from Dave or Ethan to do them up!  Stylish flats should be on every mama-to-be’s getting ready for baby list.





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3 thoughts on “Aquisitions | Leopard Flats. Finally”

  1. LOVE your new flats – well done! I agree the cap makes them 🙂

    Oh please tell me about your search for the perfect tan boots. I think I've found the pair for me at Street Legal in Chch but am waiting for a payout before I shell out the $320 investment!

  2. Aaah they are so gorgeous. I love em! And absolutely perfect and practical for the mama-to-be too!

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