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Our house has been a massive work in progress since we bought it in May of last year.  We have done so much {and thankfully stuck to budget} and are now up to the final phase of finishing touches and tidying things up.  Little projects that are not in themselves huge expenditures, however the list of little projects is quite long!

This weekend we purchased new tiles for outside the front door, barked another of the backyard gardens (only one more to go!) and tidied up the long strip up the side of our driveway.  When we removed our septic tank and connected to town storm water in December, this area was completely uprooted as it houses the pipe carrying all of our wastewater to the street.  What was left was a strip of clay, now turned to dust by our fierce summer.  Mum and Dave were the rock shoppers and after one trailer load of inexpensive grey rock followed by a second trailer of river rock the front of our house is looking fab.

To finish the driveway we will plant three half wine barrels with miniature orange trees and then we will rest.  Until the next ‘little project’.