Back on the Goodfoot

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It had been over 18 months since my last gym workout. A snappy, shitty 18 months that saw my stress levels hit an all time time high as we battled through an audit, a miscarriage and Dad’s cancer diagnosis which got the better of him after 9 months.
At the end of those dark days I had nothing left after I came home from work, tried to keep some semblance of a ‘normal’ home life and tried to be a good or at least average wife and mother.
I let myself forget about what made me feel good and have ended up at a point where I hate my body, feel completely weak and can’t remember what it is like to feel good about myself.
Despite the launch of the marvelous KFC Double Down Burger today, I have been changing my eating habits over the past few weeks and I went to my newly joined gym for the first time last night.
I was so nervous and self-conscious at first (which is ridiculous considering how much time I have spent in the gym over the years). Yet I settled into an awesome 50 min cardio workout and then did a 75min yoga class afterward.
I surprised myself, worked really hard and LOVED it!
Back again tonight for round 2, my new weights programme and more cardio. I have set myself a 5 kg weight loss goal with another 5 to go hopefully after that
There will be no fingers crossed this time because I just have to get it done, the big genes run thick and fast in my family and I’m determined not to see how many of them I picked up!