New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Sandlas leather shoes

Back to School | Leather School Sandals from 2 Feet Tall

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Sandlas leather shoes

If there is one thing I’m a sucker for it’s leather shoes.  The little bit extra you pay for them reaps dividends when you consider how much longer they last than their synthetic alternatives.  I’ve found this especially true with school shoes for Ethan.  His primary school years consisted of basically non-stop running and sport for six years straight!  The kid has a very, sincere need for quality footwear that would otherwise see me buying a new pair of synthetic leather or canvas shoes every term (minimum).  Nixon is tracking in a similar vein, and though not at school yet, his kindy shoes are taking a beating – as do his toes when he’s not wearing any shoes.  

I buy the boys good shoes because it makes sense and saves me money in the long run, plus their feet need to be looked after.  Ethan has some weird extra bone in his foot which has caused him major pain and many physio / moonboot sessions over the years, school shoes with proper support were stipulated after his last injury as essential for his ongoing comfort and bone health.  

2 Feet Tall have kindly sent Nixie a pair of their Riley Sandals for kindy this year and I’m super impressed with them.  Nixie is away with his Nana at the moment so as soon as he gets back down to Auckland I’ll snap him wearing them and update this post!

This is a style of sandal that has always appealed to me because it’s such a sneaker/sandal crossover – perfect for kids like mine that spend all of their free time at school careering around the playground!

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Shoes

Things I LOVE about the 2 Feet Tall Riley Sandals:

  1. The outer sole is leather.  Not hard, stiff leather either.  These sandals are so lovely and soft I’m going to have no problems keeping them on Nixie’s feet throughout the day.
  2. The Riley’s are glued and stitched, definitely a point of difference between these and similar styles which will contribute to their ability to go the distance with Nix this year.
  3. The inner sole is a soft suede with a neoprene liner (I think!) with plenty of ventilation to help with the crazy heat getting thrown at us this summer!
  4. The molded, cushioned insole will provide plenty of support for my babe’s little feet.
  5. The rubber sole is both super durable but surprisingly flexible.  A dream combo for little dudes like Nix who are still a bit clumsy in stiff shoes.
  6. They are available in a range of sizes from toddler to those suitable for older children.

2 Feet Tall is a New Zealand owned and operated company run by a NZ mum who knows what’s required from a really great school shoe.  Shop the range here.

For a chance to win a pair of Riley sandals for your little person, enter via the widget below then head over to The Best Nest on Facebook to complete your entry.



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4 thoughts on “Back to School | Leather School Sandals from 2 Feet Tall”

  1. These might do the trick and be much more hard wearing – my god son goes through shoes like no ones business, and wits end trying to make them last at least one term, but these sound durable 🙂

  2. My Miss 5 started school half way through last year and we went through 3 pairs of shoes before the end of the year, 2 from wear and tear and the other pair she doesn’t like as they are too still and makes running and playing in them difficult. I would love to try these shoes for her as they sound like they are more durable than the ones we have been previously buying and she would have more flexibility. They sound fantastic 🙂

    1. That’s nuts! They’ve got have good shoes for playing and running. Ethan just flat out wouldn’t wear shoes ALL YEAR LONG. He’d wear them to and from school and take them off as soon as he got there, even in winter!

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