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Beauty Review | Smashbox Photo Filter Powder Foundation

We are now essentially halfway through 2015 ergo, I am halfway through my year of skincare and makeup discovery.  And, I am loving it!

I used to dread the time it took to put on what little makeup I used, but now I actually look forward to it.  My skin is going through some kind of awful mid-life crisis, so I am hugely appreciative of any product that helps make me feel a little less self-conscious right now.

This little black compact from smashbox is seriously the answer to my prayers right now.  Dubbed the #instafilter for your face, the Photo Filter Powder Foundation is my new best friend. I was asked to pick my shade online, which was difficult as there are 10 variations to choose from.  I would definitely recommend you head to a counter for some colour-matching advice before you buy.  I got my shade right (I think!), but I have fairly olive skin and am a typical medium, so shade 6 seems a good fit.

It comes with a double sided round sponge with a different finish on each side, one side for sheer coverage and the other side for full coverage.  After a couple of weeks of using the sponge, I can’t tell which side is which and probably need to replace it with something else so suggestions welcome please!  Maybe I should be using a brush?

This is a really creamy powder, it goes on easily, blends well and sets with a lovely velvety finish.  I have really bad dry patches around my nose and on my chin right now but found that the Photo Filter Powder didn’t accentuate these at all thank goodness!  I have worn it quite a few ways, over BB cream which was great for a nighttime event, on it’s own and with a primer during the day. Though I was happy with it in each circumstance, using the primer first (I used Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro) seemed to maintain a nice dewy look all day.  8 hour wear?  Absolutely.

It definitely achieves the blur effect that one would expect from a product called Photo Filter.  Containing fancy things such as Light Filter Technology and Photoset Polymers (I’ll leave you to study up on those!), this foundation brings some serious artillery to the table.  I’m in love with its imperfection concealing abilities and only use a few dabs of concealer to finish off, which is crazy if you knew the extent of redness I’m having to hide right now!  < I had a very bad reaction to a product a couple of months ago.  

Would I purchase this product?  Yes, without any hesitation.

Smashbox Photo Filter Powder Foundation RRP $62

I was gifted this product for review purposes, all opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. If you’re thinking of replacing your foundation powder sponge, I’d recommend buying basicare make-up sponges in bulk. You can get them online, and in different finishes, so you can have two of them for the sheer and full coverage. I don’t use them now though, haven’t needed much makeup after my skin tightening treatment in Port Coquitlam. These days it’s just some moisturizing cream, and I’m good to go.

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