Bestest Boy

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Because I am selfish and miss my boy (and he was very tired!) he stayed home from kindy today and we had a nice relaxing morning.  We walked Lou on the beach and it was gorgeous and warm, no wind for a change.  We did notice quite a lot of dead sea birds though.  After discussing this for a while and postulating about their demise (Perhaps they were old?  Perhaps they were sick?) Ethan decided that what happened was a simple case of the birds dive-bombing for fish with their eyes closed and missing the ocean.  Ouch.

Image003We headed out for lunch as Farmers was having their weekly HUGE sale and I needed new underwear.  I had told Ethan he could have anything for lunch he wanted, he chose Sushi (I love him a little bit more every day).

We headed onwards to the Farmers Department store and made our way to the underwear department. He was squirreling around and running under racks of bras as usual, but after a couple of minutes he called (very loudly) “Mama, I have found your favourite undies, they have an orange sticker on them and they are $10.  A bargain!!!”  He had indeed found a whole rack of bargains, recognized the brand I like, even the style.  The other female shoppers were very impressed that my four year old doubled as a personal shopper!