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No inspiration.  Winter you are failing me!  Blogging is tres hard at the moment, but there seems to be a general consensus about this across the NZ blog spectrum so I’m not feeling too neglectful. So, in honour of having nothing to say, I present you with some photos of below average quality because I have also just realised I haven’t taken one picture on my DSLR this whole month! Gasp.  WTF?

The Jack luck appears to be a genetic thing, Ethan's name got pulled from the prize barrel on Studio 2 last week and he won a PSP + Game! Amaze.

The weather has been perfect these school holidays {aside from today when it has started raining}. Ethan has had the best time playing outside all day, sans mud!

Ethan and Dave got busy one sunny day and made me a vege garden out of railway sleepers! Love it.

...............and I looked on and soaked up the sun. Bliss.