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Blogger Life | Nespresso Breakfast with Josh Emett

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Last week was a bit of whirlwind of blogging events and launches, but there was one standout.  On Wednesday morning I braved rush hour traffic and enjoyed a gorgeous, intimate breakfast hosted by the amaze Josh Emett for Nespresso.

If you’re a coffee lover, then you’ll identify with the importance and ritual of that first coffee of the day.  Of course we’re all different, I’m sure my chaotic, morning caffeine hit looks nothing like the slower, more considered approach of some, or the carefully orchestrated coffee-on-the-go of those off to an early workout or simply about to begin their daily commute.

Acknowledging the various ways New Zealanders fit coffee into their mornings, Nespresso has distinguished a range of  a.m. archetypes; The Early Achiever, The Snoozer, The Weekender, The Zen Hunter and The Mover.  Internationally renowned, Michelin star awarded chef Josh Emett has created five recipes, each perfectly paired with a Nespresso Grand Cru to complement the routines and tastes of each morning archetype.

Mummy Blogger New ZealandI definitely associate with The Weekender.  Our week-days and Saturdays (rugby) are so manic that our whole family looks forward to the slow pace of a Sunday and a relaxed, cooked breakfast.  Josh showcased his Weekender dish at the Nespresso Breakfast this week and then we got to whip it up ourselves!  Watching such an accomplished, professional chef cook is treat enough, but cooking one of his recipes (with him to assist!) and consequently realizing how quick and easy it is to prepare truly nutritious, delicious food was such a great experience.  Following our 10/10 efforts in the kitchen, the attending media sat down together and enjoyed our amazing Chorizo, Tomato and Paprika Free-range Egg Bake (grab the recipe here).  I’m in LOVE with this dish, cannellini beans are my new favorite ingredient – watch out Meat-Free Monday!  

This fabulous morning has got me so excited about coffee and even more excited about pairing food with coffee.  Our delicious chorizo egg bake was accompanied by the Rosabaya de Colombia Grand Cru cappuccino and it was divine.  Next month I’ll be creating my own Weekender recipe to match (hopefully!) the flowery and fruity notes of the Rosabaya de Columbia.  I’m a new Nespresso aficionado so would love to hear about your favourite Grand Crus as well as any hints and tips you have for me as I ditch the carbonated caffeine and begin my love affair with coffee.

Nespresso Fact: The aluminium capsules which are responsible for capturing all the freshness and flavours of each freshly roasted coffee selection can be recycled!  Simply drop them off at your closest Nespresso Boutique, in Auckland this is located in Newmarket.

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