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Book Review | Healthy, Easy Dinners for Busy Mums by Julie Bhosale

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New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Easy Dinners

Auckland Mum of two Julie Bhosale has been busy over the past year.

We are all busy this is true.  I’m not sure about you but I know I haven’t had my second child, finished writing my thesis, become a viral internet sensation by changing how the world views the post-partum female body and knocked out a cookbook on the side.  All in 12 months.

I’m exhausted after writing that sentence!

This week marks the launch of Julie’s book.  As a qualified nutritionist Julie’s passion for nourishing her family and others positively radiates from her various social media channels as well as from the pages of her new book.  My ‘passion’ (ha!) for cooking comes and goes in waves and inspiration is often lacking.  I find myself ‘splurging’ on celebrity cookbooks or those advocating certain fad diets or strict food regimes and flick through the aspirational pages thinking, “if I could even cook that, would anyone actually eat it?”.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Easy DinnersDo I have, can I afford the raw/organic/gluten free/dairy free ingredients, the zoodle maker, the high speed blender?  Will it taste like dirt?  Will the kids want toast after they are ‘finished’?

Yawn.  It’s already too hard.
Healthy, Easy Dinners for Busy Mums is pretty much the complete opposite of the cookbook I’ve described above.  Julie’s philosophy is eat real, whole foods and keep it simple.

Sign me up.

Probably what I love most about this book is just how totally unpretentious it is.  Julie has created two weeks of gorgeous, family fare complete with shopping lists for each week.  Add in a few of your own family favourites and double up some of the recipes and you could easily plan dinners for a month using Healthy, Easy Dinners for Busy Mums as a starting point.  

I’m a huge fan of meals I can make in the morning to help avoid congestion in the kitchen during witching hour.  I have an 11 year old with homework and after school sport and a 2yo that needs to eat smack bang in the middle of all the coming and going.  As such, I kept flicking back to the recipe for Moroccan Chicken Pie and whipped it up for the family.

Easy.  Yes.

Sneaky nutritiousness.  Yes.

Yum factor.  10/10.

I can’t wait to fortify our menu rotation with Julie’s smart, yummy recipes and plan on using Healthy, Easy Dinners for Busy Mums as a base for getting back on track with our meal planning.  

This large format, beautifully photographed book is available in hard copy for $39.99 and as an e-book for $11.99 from If you would like to win a copy enter via the widget below.