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Book Review | You Can’t Give Vodka to a Baby

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Look, I’m a mummy blogger.  I guess some of you think that means I must know what I’m doing with my kids but the truth is, I’m just cool with admitting publicly that I have no freaking idea!  The best medicine for any attack of parenting guilt, doubts, anxiety and general malaise is laughter.  And vodka, preferably taken together.

You Can’t Give Vodka to a Baby – Y.C.G.V.T.A.B – by Dr Oliver Green BSA {Bull Shit Artist – he studied at the same school as Dr Dre!} is straight up hilarious.  People talk about a novel, saying they just couldn’t put it down, this book is much the same.  It will have you procrastinating and neglecting your chores and children as you read/laugh/cry through ‘just one more page’.  It’s recommended as the perfect parenting companion for any new parent…….or any parent that feels that they made some horrific mistakes raising previous kids, and now they need a do-over.

Choc full of advice, Y.C.G.V.T.A.B is designed to help you through the tough times as a parent but also help you make some tough decisions, such as Are you ready to be a mother?  Crucial step in the parenting journey and easily answered by completing a simple quiz.  Questions such as “Do you already own enough shoes?”, “Is spare cash a problem that you’d like to find a remedy for?” and “Do you like wiping things?” will help set your mind at ease about getting knocked up or at least trying to.

A section that particularly spoke to me, and perhaps many of you too, deals with the topic of how not to start a baby blog.    If this information had been readily available eight years ago when I began blogging here at The Best Nest, well, I wouldn’t even be reviewing this book would I!  I would have saved countless hours of writing and agonizing over posts read by my Mum and Nana, I would probably have a Real Job and my kids would undoubtedly be geniuses from all of the extra attention I would have lavished them with.  What a shame.

You Can’t Give Vodka to a Baby is a fabulously penned poke at the “Baby Industry”, written to give parents new and old a reminder that raising kids isn’t as complicated as the corporatised advice and information industry around babies would have us believe.  A must have addition to any stack of unread parenting books on your bedside table and a great baby shower gift.

Published by Upstart Press – May 4th, 2015 RRP $24.99

If you would like to win a copy for you or someone in need of some sage parenting advice, head over to Facebook and find the competition post.  Closes Sunday 17th May 10pm.