My Breakfast Evolution

My Breakfast Evolution

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Breakfast I think it’s fair to say that as we move through life, we go through various stages and phases, trying out different eating patterns and meal favourites until we find the things that just ‘fit’.  Whether it’s the way we drink our coffee, the way we prefer our steak, whether or not we eat breakfast and if we do, what it is that we eat for breakfast. Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Breakfast

More than any other meal of the day, my breakfast habits have changed dramatically over the years.  I’ve always been a carb-fiend so crumpets, bagels and toast were my breakfast mainstay for at least two thirds of my life.  Following that I went through a super healthy phase where my morning meal consisted of a Diet Coke and a cigarette! – I’m not joking either.  

Post-kids I’ve dabbled in protein-only, juicing and most recently, the acquisition of a NutriBullet has seen us making smoothies almost every morning. The problem with smoothies is that they don’t tend to keep me full for too long and after a 5km run most mornings, I’m completely ravenous by the time I eat.  This results in snacking, which has long been my downfall.

So, over the past week, Dave and I have made a return to incorporating cereals into our breakfast and we’ve been doing that a couple of different ways using Vogel’s New Café-Style Cereals. .  End result – NO snacking! The inclusion of varied, ancient grains such as Buckwheat and Millet (my new fave!  Soo crunchy and good!) combined with the healthy protein and good fats of cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflowers seeds and linseeds makes Vogel’s Coconut and Cranberry Café-Style Light Cereal a morning winner.  A similar experience to muesli’s we’re all familiar with, but lighter and easier to eat. Depending upon how hungry I am I’ll either scoop a few tablespoons on top of my smoothie to add texture, taste and just enough ‘substance’ to knock those snacking urges into touch, or, I’ll make one smoothie and split it between Dave and I and have a 50/50 cereal/smoothie bowl with added fresh fruit.   Yum! Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top BreakfastChange is good, so is trying new things and tweaking old habits.  Adding a light cereal back into our morning routine was just the pick-me-up Dave and I needed to keep our energy up through work-day mornings.

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