Arts in Action

We were lucky enough to be able to attend our local Arts Centre’s open day last weekend, what a treat!  Pretty much our whole rugby team turned up and the boys made the most of the amazing opportunity to try their hand at pottery, mosaic, clay modelling, jewellery making, painting, wood carving and much more.  It was lovely to see such a usually physical, hard core bunch of little athletes getting in touch with their ‘artistic’ side!

I definitely recommend investigating whether there is an arts centre near you, there is so much on offer by these small, community driven organisations you may be quite surprised – I know I was!  We can’t wait to bring Ethan’s beautiful bowl home after it has been fired.

For information on the Kumeu Arts Centre, visit their Facebook page here



Ethan Decorates for Christmas

Whilst I have been hanging the normal Christmas decor, Ethan has branched out and is creating these stunning Christmas fish mobiles. Pictured below is the snapper model, hung on a purple pipe cleaner and blue-tacked to the ceiling. A truly festive addition to our bedroom. You should see the gurnard option hanging in his room, it’s a holiday sensation I’m telling ya!

Stingray Art

I haven’t posted any of Ethan’s drawings lately, you know, usual chaos, life-getting in the way of blogging type excuses.  But this picture surprised me when it came home from school.  Ethan was remembering our summer camping trip where there were tonnes of stingrays to be seen off the dock, so it’s lovely to me that months later this popped out of his little head.  It was also surprising in that for the last month all he has been drawing is Toothless the dragon from How to Train Your Dragon.  Boy sure is good at ‘fixating’.

Boy and a Ballpoint

Ethan discovered how much fun drawing caricatures of us is last week.  He carried around a makeshift clipboard all day (even to Pak n Save) and drew his little heart out.  Obviously there is a punk rock theme running through the series, it also appears everyone is cooler when they are sporting a beard!

Check back tomorrow for the second image in the series.  He is 5 btw, pretty good I think?