Giveaway | Peaceful Baby Sleep Book

Peaceful Baby SleepLast week I received a gorgeous wee book in the mail to read and review.  I was excited.  I love books and LOVED this book in particular as it gave me a chance to go back to those precious long days {and short years} of Ethan’s early life.

This would make a perfect baby shower gift for an expecting mama – it’s brimming with positivity and chock full of lovely, feel good personal experience.

Look out for my full book review next week, but in the mean time here is your first chance to enter to win your very own copy of Peaceful Baby Sleep.

Charlotte’s book has a chapter dedicated to Baby-Wearing, something that Dave and I really enjoyed while we were able – Ethan was/is a monster child, so he only lasted in the back-pack until approx 18 mths, but we definitely made the most of it while we were able; rock climbing anyone?

How to enter:

Simply leave a comment below about your bub’s early days, were you a baby-wearer like me?

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The winner will be selected randomly from all comments left on the series of three posts that have been inspired by this lovely book.  Prize drawn Mon 25th June.

And then there were three!

Enough was enough, one HOT curry and it was all action stations.  Ethan arrived 3 days early thanks to Siamese Basil (the Thai Restaurant on Coast Hwy).  We had a great time in the delivery room waiting for little man.  Chrissy and Miguel spent the day with us and we watched movies and laughed and Miguel our mexican flatmate finally came up with the RIGHT name!

Birthing Room 002



1st Bath 001

First bath; hmmmm we have seen this face a few times over the last 3.75 years aye!


Daddy was so proud!

First Kiss


brand new baby

The battered little man!  Ethan got stuck for a while and still has his birthmarks.

And then there was some news….

After a busy couple of months, surfing heaps, snowboarding and skateboarding, Chrissy came home from work one day, out of the blue with a pregnancy test.  She said "you’re pregnant, now prove it" or some such thing.  I hadn’t at this point even stopped to consider I might be preggers!  but she was right and I was soon frantically making lists and driving Dave around the bend with weekend shopping excursions.  There were quite a few as at this point we shared a scooter and that was the sole material asset that we owned aside from our numerous surfboards, snowboards etc. 

MP 001

Where it all began….

If I get a little jumbled here, it is because I am going to attempt to back-catalogue our lives up to the point below;


3rd Street, Encinitas, CA. Stay with me as things may get confusing as the old and the new are blogged perhaps, sometimes simultaneously!! I am going to file everything from pregnancy to late 2007 under the tag ‘Ancient Jack History – pre 2007’ for your reading pleasure.