Mum-Life: A conversation between friends

Our touch rugby season kicked off on Thursday night, which is great, we love our module.  It’s social, fun and a great chance to spend time with our friends each week and have a run around together.  Preparation for touch has been somewhat lacking this season, I’m not particularly fit and winter has not been overly kind.  As I was squeezing into some tights on Thursday, getting ready to walk up to the fields I sent one of my girlfriends this text;

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Ok so let’s ignore the fabulous body-positivity message here, and monitor the irony of my profile pic.  I don’t even know how that got on my phone, I’m pretty sure I didn’t choose a pink doughnut as my avatar so obviously, the stars are perfectly aligned and the universe is sending me subliminal messages regarding carb-consumption – all.  day.  long.

Yesterday I was determined to attack my waistline so after running some errands with the boys I headed out for some fresh air, planning on an hour of fat-burning-walking.  About 30 minutes in, I came upon a friend who was chatting with her ‘pool guy’ in her driveway – sooooo Wisteria Lane, god I love where I live lol.

Anyway, we were making small talk, running through the mum-life state-of-play as the school holidays near their end.  As our convo progressed I had to literally, laugh out loud, only two mums (in their active wear no less) could discuss the variety of subjects we broached, entirely seriously and appreciate that they all happened within the prior 12 hours.

The hot topics de jour were as follows;

  • “What have I done this morning?  Been to the doctors to get warts frozen off one of the kids.  Why are they so gross?  Not warts, kids.  Why are kids so gross?”
  • “Why aren’t you at work?”
    “One of the kids has a rash, all over his junk.  We think it’s from rolling all over the rugby field last night”
    “Yeah, that’ll do it”
    “At least he’s put some shorts on today, might keep him from constantly itching himself.  God kids are gross”
    “Kids are really gross.”
  • “You know what else is gross?  Dogs.  I’ve just picked up all the bombs in the yard.”
    “I have to do that too.  It’s supposed to be Ethan’s job but I just can’t stand it when he leaves 90% of the poo on the grass and you think you’re safe, but next minute, there’s dog shit squishing between your toes.”
    “Dogs suck.  My dogs got stuck together this morning”
    “With glue?  Did the kids leave glue out?  Mine would do that, Mister Maker has a LOT to answer for.”
    “No, our girl’s on heat and the old boy had a go and they couldn’t separate”
    “Oh.  My.  God.”
    “I threw food at them thinking they’d both be so pumped to eat they’d pull apart.  Didn’t work”
     “Oh.  My.  God.”
    “Yeah.  So I went inside to Google how to separate them, turns out you throw water on them, but he’d shrunk down by then so problem solved.”
    “Phew, really dodged a bullet there”
  • “Do you know what I think the very worst part of school holidays is?”
    “No school?”
    “Huts.  Fucking huts everywhere.  My house was spotless this morning, now the linen cupboard is empty and it looks like a third world army is battling for territory in my living room.”
    “Not a fan of huts either”
  • “Ok then, better get back to this fitness thing I’ve got going on”
    “I’ll text you later about beer”
    “Shit I can’t.  I dropped and smashed my phone.  Something else I’m in trouble over, I also just curbed two of my mags right in front of hubby”
    “Oooooohhh.  Sucks to be you.  Do you still have a landline?”

Mum-life is the BEST THING EVER when you know some cool chicks to share it with.



Childhood Unplugged

I’m pretty sure he doesn’t realize it at the moment, but I’m hoping that this Saturday just been will firmly cement itself in Ethan’s head in an “oh yeah, that’s what we did when I was a kid” kinda way.  It won’t be a Best Day of My Life kind of memory, more of the Normal Day in the Neighborhood variety; similar to the memories I have of riding bikes until dark {sans helmets of course!}, playing tennis on the road, rollerskating and pole tennis tournaments.  Awesome memories that make me smile every time I cast my mind back.

E’s rugby coach came and picked him up in the morning to assist in a working bee at the clubhouse.  He got stuck-in with his friends and teammates, scrubbing the tackle-bags, hopefully doing a good job and learning a thing or two about chipping in and helping out, pride in your club and team spirit.  He had a great time by the sounds of it, yet I can’t even imagine what would happen if he was forced to clean anything at home that took longer than 10 minutes – it doesn’t bear thinking about honestly!

Whilst he was at the club, two of his other mates that live close by had popped over twice, desperate to go eel fishing with E in the river.  Despite his protestations, we sent him off to find his friends when he arrived home.  He totally wanted to stay at home, sit on the couch and play Xbox or Clash of Clans or some other waste of summer.  It was worth the fight and the filthy looks as Dave and I knew he’d be stoked within 5 minutes of walking out the door.  These are the battles that are worth fighting.  These are the ones that matter and will have a bigger long-term impact than policing wardrobe choices or riding his ass about every, single manners slip-up.

The three boys had an awesome {muddy} time down at the river and caught themselves an eel which they decided they were going to gut and eat.  They took care of business, hopped on their bikes and headed to another part of the river for an afternoon swim, supervised by one of their lovely Mums {not me, I was in DIY hell with a paintbrush and polyurethane but that’s another story}.  Following this they headed off on their bikes again to the third amigos house where their eel was pan fried and they shared dinner together.

Ethan arrived home on his bike at 8pm with some of their {surprisingly delicious} eel for us to try.  He was tired, happy and satisfied after a day which couldn’t really have had too much more ‘boy’ squeezed into it.  Good, old-school fun with an absolute minimum of screen time.  Loving it!

We live in a pretty special little pocket of Auckland that is very small {at this stage} and still very safe.  Ethan is 10 years old.  It’s time for him to experience independence {within clearly defined boundaries of course!} and having a little bit of freedom on his bike and with his friends is part of that imminent transition from child to teenager that is creeping ever closer.  Without showing him we trust him to make good decisions, he would be bored at home and we would be forever battling the screen.  It certainly helps to know other parents in your community and be able to quickly reach out and communicate with them via text message etc.  If you can find a lovely place for your children to spread their wings in a safe community, it’s worth every penny.

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Arts in Action

We were lucky enough to be able to attend our local Arts Centre’s open day last weekend, what a treat!  Pretty much our whole rugby team turned up and the boys made the most of the amazing opportunity to try their hand at pottery, mosaic, clay modelling, jewellery making, painting, wood carving and much more.  It was lovely to see such a usually physical, hard core bunch of little athletes getting in touch with their ‘artistic’ side!

I definitely recommend investigating whether there is an arts centre near you, there is so much on offer by these small, community driven organisations you may be quite surprised – I know I was!  We can’t wait to bring Ethan’s beautiful bowl home after it has been fired.

For information on the Kumeu Arts Centre, visit their Facebook page here



Life. Lately | IPhone Snaps



  1. We didn’t bother with the mad Post-Christmas shopping frenzy, but I DID bother with the Country Road sale, it was so good!
  2. The weather has kept us indoors for so many days lately, luckily E has lots of new books to read, he is currently steaming through the Roald Dahl box set which Santa brought him
  3. Mum and I took Ethan on his Quarterly Museum trip to escape the showers.  He has been going frequently for so many years, it is amazing to see the different things that he notices now he is a bit older
  4. We rang in 2012 with our lovely neighbours xx
  5. Debs (see lovely neighbour) & I had just been talking about loving your life, and look what was in my Christmas package from MeeMee in Georgia!  Weird
  6. 100% chance of rain.  First time I have ever seen that on my IPhone.  I’m sure it won’t be the last considering we have had more days of rain than sun so far this summer
  7. LOVE.
  8. One minute I was working, Nek Minnit the transformer in front of our building blew up.  True story.  So I got to play at the beach with Mum and Ethan!

Last Days of Summer

Better late than never!

Abby, Jo and I took the kids to Waiwera last month and scored a beautiful day.  I haven’t been in years and had so much fun.  I had forgotten how exhausting those hot pools are though!

Ethan had a wicked time, his confidence in the water was amazing, he even hit up one of the big (ish) slides.  The best part was just seeing all the kids having so much fun together, they are a great little tribe – just as their mummas were back in the day xxxx

Christmas in January

I sent a lil message out via bookface before Christmas to our American friends.  I thought Ethan might LOVE one of those elusive Zhu Zhu pet hamsters that were flying off the shelves in the states.  Well.  Some people ignored us (as they normally do) and others simply lost the plot.  Tara lost the plot.  She became obsessed with hunting hamsters, made friends with shop assistants, visited EVERY Walmart, Target and Toys R Us in coastal San Diego and eventually came face to face with her quarry.  And then she shopped.  And then she shipped.

This is the result; (click on images to enlarge)

Thank you so much Tara, you are the kindest, most remembering-est friend stateside that we have and Summer is just not the same without you!

Today…today you say?

What are we doing today? Going to have a playdate with a crazy lady who is having a baby T O M O R R O W.

That’s the crazy lady Chris, hubby Hamish and the young fella is Billy – Leon (4) was probably throwing water balloons or something boy-tastic when this photo was taken at Ethan’s party 3 weeks ago.

These guys are having their third bub and first girl tomorrow.  And crazy lady is having a playdate this afternoon with us, a set of twins and another friend and her son.

She says she needs something to take her mind of what lies ahead.  I would be frantic at this point; making lists, cooking, couriering my kids off to relatives etc.  She is as cool and calm as someone who is returning library books tomorrow.

We love you guys!  All the best for the big day and your awesome Christmas Prezzie xxxx