Monday | Crash & Burn. Rest & Revive

A lovely, but hectic weekend of dinner dates, bbq’s, skateboarding, eeling, family workouts, playdates, cycling, swimming and the endless minutiae of weekend chores came to a head last night when Dave and Ethan finally returned home for the ER at 10pm!  Nothing major thank goodness, a suspected fracture in one of the small bones in E’s wrist sees him in …


Around Here | Our House

Our house has been a massive work in progress since we bought it in May of last year.  We have done so much {and thankfully stuck to budget} and are now up to the final phase of finishing touches and tidying things up.  Little projects that are not in themselves huge expenditures, however the list of little projects is quite …

Some Sun

Earthquake day was surprisingly sunny so I snapped these shots and stitched them together into panoramics – they’re a bit rough but you get the idea! Above:  Looking up to the house from the pond, chicken coop at top left of pond Below:  Looking down the hill, orchard on left, Dad’s shed on right Follow

The End of Summer

Today marks the first day of Autumn.  We have harvested an awesome crop from the vege garden this season and now have more  tomatoes than we can eat!  Dave has just whipped up his usual batch of late summer hot sauce with our tomatoes plus our  habaneros and red chillies.  AND IT IS HOT!  Mouth is burning but I must eat …

Living off the land ’cause I’m so earthy (sniggers)

Remember when I was so excited about this?  CLICK HERE Well……………….look at me now bitches! Everything is going crazy, we have had some sprinkles of rain the last few days so that combined with my vigorous lateral pruning should see some good growth. Follow

Salt and Pepper Squid rings Recipe

Dave Cooks: Homemade Salt n Pepper Squid Rings

Oh my God.  Internet geeks I might only say this once and consider it for your benefit…..NOM NOM. I am a fat big fan of squid/calamari, whatever.  Especially The Backyard’s Salt n Pepper Squid dish.  I am probably only it’s #2 fan as Ethan is definitely Fan Numero Uno. Every week when we grocery shop I park Ethan in the …

A random assortment…..

Redneck Hedge trimming   “Hey Dave, why don’t you go and weed-eat the neighbours bamboo while she’s out.  It’s bugging me.  Thanks.” We grow really big, yummy beans My friends have really cute kids Ethan is so smart, I’m just going to say it.  Follow