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Family Travel Japan: Day 2, Ikebukuro

Family Travel Japan: Day 2, Ikebukuro

In my fast and loose ‘Mind Itinerary’, I had pencilled in Monday for a trip to Sea Disney in Tokyo.  However, after one day on the ground, what we really wanted to do was simply see and experience more of Tokyo.

So, we ditched Disney and saved hundreds of dollars.  The kids did not care and Dave and I were infinitely happier!

We began everyday in Tokyo with a visit to the most amaze bakery about 20 paces from our front door.  I had NO idea that bakeries were a thing here, and my god, everything that comes out of Japanese ovens is fit for the gods I tell you!  The Arteria Bakery was divine, the best pastries, breads, curry buns, melonpam, blueberry and apple pies………we tried it all.  Yes.  We.  Did.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Japan Tokyo Ikebukuro

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Japan Tokyo Ikebukuro

Dave had to work, so the kids and I headed off on foot, navigating the 30-minute walk to Ikebukuro where the boys were super excited to experience J-World, an anime theme park featuring Dragon Ball Z – off course.  I find Google Maps a bit dodgy at home in NZ, but here the app works perfectly.  We were navigated through gorgeous, quiet wee residential streets and alleys, just as spic ‘n span as the rest of Tokyo, and made it to Sunshine City in Ikebukuro in no time.  I’ve realised on this trip the beauty of having no car!  Exploring on foot is such a pleasure here and gives a real sense of what life is actually like here in Tokyo.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Japan Tokyo Ikebukuro

We had unwittingly stumbled upon a kids-go-free day at J-world so we were off to a great start.  Ethan loved this place, Nixon enjoyed it even with only a cursory knowledge of anime, however, give it a miss if you or the kids are not fans as it will all go right over your head as there is no English translation or context.  That said, the boys were happy so I was super happy!  

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Japan Tokyo Ikebukuro New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Japan Tokyo Ikebukuro

Sunshine City is a HUGE mall, it was a struggle to navigate but we found the restaurant level and I braved ordering food without Dave for the first time.  The kid’s option was easily identifiable by the Hello Kitty plate and was so perfect for Nix.  It came with a giant tempura shrimp, about 10 fries, a small hamburger patty and some rice, dessert and orange juice.  Literally ALL of Nixon’s favourite foods, neatly separated how he likes it.  The dessert was a strange custard that he wasn’t a fan of, but aside from that 10/10.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Japan Tokyo Ikebukuro

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Japan Tokyo Ikebukuro

I had a good look at the menu before ordering and noticed that there were two prices; one for the individual item and one for the ‘set’ which included rice and miso soup.  As Ethan is not a fan of miso and the rice servings are huge, we ordered one set and one individual item and saved around 200¥!

After a quick visit to the Pokemon shop (soooo cute!) we headed upstairs to the Sunshine City Aquarium located on the roof of the mall.  We absolutely LOVED this place.  Skip the sea lions and penguins and head for the aquarium tanks.  There were so many fish, reptiles and amphibians here that we had never seen before it was amazing for my animal-mad boys.  A leopard shark, huge sunfish, giant spider crabs, poisonous frogs and so much more.  It def got us pumped for the big aquarium visit to come in Osaka.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Japan Tokyo Ikebukuro New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Japan Tokyo Ikebukuro New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Japan Tokyo Ikebukuro

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Japan Tokyo Ikebukuro

Whilst in Ikebukuro we headed straight to the heart of this shopping mecca and soaked it all in.  There was a girl on the street with an owl advertising the ‘Owl Cafe’ nearby, there was an 8 story department store dedicated to DIY and basically, home and lifestyle called Tokyu Hands.  I could have spent hours in here but I was with 3 boys so time was limited lol.  Ethan was granted his final Dragon Ball Z shopping mission and found a figure he wanted in the giant Animate store.  He was happy and I was happy the search was over.

The neighbourhoods between Ikebukuro and our accommodation were so pleasant we opted to walk the 30 minutes home again and pick up some don bowls for dinner on the way home.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Japan Tokyo Ikebukuro

I know no-one will believe this but, the only shopping I’ve done for myself is a $5 floppy felt hat on clearance from Uniqlo!!!  Shock horror I know.  Not even ANY sneakers!

There are 12 more days though.

Day 2 = AWESOME.

Fly Jetstar to Japan like we did > www.jetstar.co.nz

8 Ways to Nail That Family Road Trip

8 Ways to Nail That Family Road Trip

How good are the school holidays guys?! Slow starts, maybe a sleep-in (not in my house but a girl can dream), no lunchboxes, no homework dramas and maybe a road-trip thrown in for good measure………

The easiest way to kick your school holiday mojo into gear is to take a second to remember just how much you lived for the holidays when you were a kid. Those magical two weeks seemed to stretch out forever with unlimited possibilities. Thankfully (?) for us as parents, holidays don’t last forever, so a little planning can go a long way towards making these holidays one to remember for both parents and kids alike. With a bit of luck, even the Annual Family Roadie will be a total breeze, glorious family memories will be made, photo albums will be filled and the kids won’t fight a bit.

That is the power of positive thinking.

But here’s how you really get it done.

8 Ways to Nail That Family Road Trip

    1. Create Family Traditions
      It could be as simple as stopping at the same dairy for jumbo ice cream scoops or a family in-joke, but traditions are important and tie people together. A running joke on our family roadies is “I only beep for sheep” – not going to go into details here but deserted country roads and sheep in paddocks must be present before this one gets busted out! Dave also has a lovely woollen travelling vest that accompanies us on our tiki-tours, so looking for suitable photo opps is always entertaining and keeps the kids appreciating the scenery as we speed past.
      New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family survive roadtrip road trip
    2. Travel on KID Time
      Remember, the name of the game when confining your entire family to a vehicle for hours on end is not just to arrive, but to arrive with your sanity intact. Putting the groms in the car during peak hyper-time is not going to end well. Schedule departure time for around an hour before naptime or after they’ve had some full-on playtime at home. If you’re determined to get on the road early, pull into a local playground before leaving town and let them charge it for 30 minutes or so before you hit the highway.
      New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family survive roadtrip road trip
    3. Eliminate Stress
      Check (and double check) that everyone, including Mum and Dad, has everything they need within reach. Water, wipes, coffee, tissues, favourite pillows or cuddly toys, phone chargers etc. The last thing you need is to be distracted whilst driving. That goes for your vehicle as well! Always give your car a quick once over, checking water, oil and tyres before you head off. Quality tyres (much like these tips!) can also help reduce the noise of a family road trip. Goodyear’s new EfficientGrip Performance SUV tyre comes with advanced noise dampening tread design – the result? A superior quiet ride. Trust me I’ve driven for an hour on these bad boys and they’re as quiet as a Mum sneaking out of a sleeping child’s room – Stealth! You can check out the fun I had that day at loudenough.goodyear.com.au
    4. Be a Fun Mum (or Dad)
      The boys seriously flipped their lids on our drive from Christchurch to Methven 2 weeks ago when I pulled off the road (rather suddenly!) and into the parking lot of the Cookie Time Cookie factory! Admittedly my kids are a tad biscuit-deprived but never in their wildest dreams did they imagine getting to pick out a kilogram bag of cookies! Keep your eyes peeled, or plan ‘surprise’ stops in advance to break up the boredom of the road.
      New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family survive roadtrip road trip
    5. Kid Life Revolves Around Food – NEVER FORGET
      If ever there’s an occasion to relax the whole ‘no eating in the car’ rule, then a long road trip could be the right time. My kids can literally eat on the hour every hour and hell hath no fury like a hungry Jack boy – so it’s best to play it safe and travel with copious amounts of food, lest you get lost and god forbid there are no golden arches in sight. Is that even possible???? Car food doesn’t always have to be messy. Pre-cut apple slices, yoghurt suckies, dried fruit, filled wraps instead of rolls…….these are all crumb-minimisers and should buy you some time in between mince savouries!
      New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family survive roadtrip road trip
    6. Share the Navigating
      Plot your course using Google maps and hand the phone over to one of your little co-pilots. This helped us immeasurably whilst navigating the Mt Hutt region. Ethan really enjoys this responsibility it and it stops quarrels between Dave and I over map-reading fails!
    7. Pump up the Jams (or download the shows)
      The older your kids get, the less they are going to like hanging out with you or listening to your music. This is FACT. Spread the suffering and take turns picking the driving tunes. Yes, as unfathomable as it seems, my 13 and 4-year-old sons don’t love my indie-rock playlists (weirdos), but they do LOVE music. Everyone’s happy sharing DJ duties. If peace and quiet are in order, don’t leave home without downloading episodes of the kid’s fave shows from Netflix. In all seriousness, that is my number one travel tip and honestly, kids are usually just so pumped to be out and about in the world you will find you only have to resort to screen time when those hard-out meltdowns start threatening.
      Don’t forget, a set of headphones for each older kid = instant quiet time!
    8. Use your Crystal Ball like your Review Mirror
      Be proactive and stay alert for potential disturbances in the force. On our last snowboarding trip, our rental station wagon was struggling to squeeze in 3 snowboards (+ 2.3 tonnes of kid snow paraphernalia) so we folded down half of the split back seat for the gear, meaning Nix and Ethan would be sitting in very close proximity. RED ALERT.
      Dave took one for the team and we moved Ethan to the front passenger seat for the 30-minute drive time back and forth up the mountain. Peace ensued. If you can wrangle it, be flexible in seating arrangements – keeping kids out of each other’s ‘smack-you-in-the-face’ range is always a bonus.

Most of all, relax and enjoy the ride! Sometimes it’s easier said than done but roadies are one of those special, weird things that kids remember and hold on to forever – at least that’s how I feel about the trips in my childhood. Relax the itinerary and roll with the many (many!) pit stops.

Drive safe these holidays!

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family survive roadtrip road trip
New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family survive roadtrip road trip

Thanks to Goodyear Tyres for making this post possible!

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family survive roadtrip road trip
My Grownup To-do List – Make a Will

My Grownup To-do List – Make a Will

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family How to make a will

In the grand scheme of My Grown Up Life, this is the breakdown; I’ve been a mother for 11.5 years and married the same.  We purchased our home 4 years ago and completed our Grown Up prerequisites by adding two dogs and another baby to the family.

Job done! Adulting complete!

Except, I forgot the paperwork.  The Life Admin that you push to the back of the to-do list along with equally exciting things like road tolls, dog registrations, filling out warranty cards and going to the dental hygienist.

And making a will.  I forgot to do that too.

Our family situation is one shared by many Kiwis in that I met Dave overseas, we eventually returned to New Zealand, leaving all of his family behind who live in the southern States of America.  In terms of holidays this is great!  Our boys also both have dual citizenship, which they may choose to utilise when they are older, but for now, we/they stay in New Zealand.

When you have kids, at some point your mind will turn to worst-case-scenario thinking.  It may happen in the middle of the night whilst rocking your baby to sleep, or it may happen after a particularly close call with a bad driver.  It will be confronting and upsetting but at some point, as parents, we will all consider what we want for our kids if we pass away before them.

What Dave and I want, is for the boys to remain in New Zealand without any unnecessary custody issues.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family How to make a willSo, in the interest of adulting properly, I’ve just finalised my very first Will (via an app no less!) to ensure that my little Kiwi kids stay here until they are old enough to decide for themselves against Donald Trump and handguns #kiddingNOTkidding.

I used the Kinly App to create my Will, which is comprehensive, legally valid and took all of 20 minutes max.  Now that I’ve done it, read it and understood it (it’s only 4 pages and in PLAIN ENGLISH!) I can see the massive value and importance in preparing a Will to protect who and what you love.

My Mum and Dad went through the process of updating their Wills the old-school way – multiple expensive lawyer visits etc – when my Dad was already terminally ill.  This heaped more angst and an increased financial burden onto an already very stressful time in their lives – a situation Dave and I are keen to avoid at all costs!

It’s pretty amazing that one of the most important and necessary documents I might ever sign in my life was also one of the easiest to prepare a) by myself b) without the hassle and expense of a lawyer c) in my own time, saving the draft and continuing as need be.

You guys, you could totally smash out your Will using Kinly while you are waiting in the car for the kids’ sports practice to finish! Too easy.

Five Reasons you need to make a Will asap
  1. Leaving clear instructions as to your wishes should help eliminate any family dramas during what is going to be a really difficult time.
  2. Your kids! If you want your kids to be sent to a boarding school run by buddhist monks in Paekakariki, you’ve got to write that shit down! The only way people will follow your wishes is if they actually KNOW what your wishes are.
  3. When you pass away intestate (without a Will) there can often be a delay before your closest relatives are allowed to deal with your estate and get their hands on your millions……..of Little Shop minis.  Help your rellies out but defining who your executors are.
  4. If you want your kindy teacher to reap the benefits of your quilting hobby, you can bequeath her ALL of your creations by specifying this in the Kinly App.
  5. Funeral directives, organ donation……..these are tricky topics to discuss over the dinner table.  You don’t have to talk it out, you just have to tick the YES/NO box in your Kinly App.

Done and dusted.

To try this amazing service and get your adulting admin in line, head to www.kinly.co.nz to find out more and download the app.


I want you to make your own Will using Kinly so one lucky person is going to win a 12 month subscription to the service PLUS a $100 Countdown Gift Card and a $50 Gift Card to Spend at The Warehouse!!!

To enter just comment below – I’d love to hear your initial thoughts about using Kinly to make your Will!

Competition closes 22/8/16, NZ residents only.  Thanks to Kinly for making this post possible!

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family How to make a will

Acquisitions | Karen Walker Pendant


Just before Christmas Dave and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary. Eight years of married bliss!
Who can honestly say that cheesy line is 100% true? We have done so much in the past 8 years, we have moved 6 times – one of those from San Diego to Auckland, raised a strapping boy, collected two Shi Tzus, been to Tonga, back to the states twice, purchased a house, leapt our fair share of hurdles and heartbreaks and are now expecting baby #2. I can honestly say that our marriage is one of my proudest achievements, squabbles and all.
Love you Dave Jack.


For the first time in years I sat on New Years Eve not wishing away the last few hours of the year past, looking eagerly for a fresh start come the first of January. 2012 was different, a very welcome breath of fresh air for our family. A good year.

Tara came from San Diego and spent three perfect summer weeks with us in January. We took her camping in the wilds of The Far North where Dave and Ethan made sure we had enough fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Kauri Forest Hike

Big Snapper

Tauranga Bay Hole in the Rock

February brought with it the start of a new school year for Ethan. He made short work of school swimming sports winning every event he entered, received a Principal’s Award in the first week of school for excellence in writing and continued to excel academically throughout the year. He played a great season of rugby, played in the Barbarians tournament for his school and continued on to the summer touch season with his awesome rugby mates. Term 4 saw Ethan head off to camp without so much as a look over his shoulder at me as I dropped him off! He had an amazing time trying his hand at every outdoor pursuit that was on offer. He followed up on his successes throughout the year with a stellar report and won the Literacy Award for the third year in a row. Ethan does school so very well.

Strawberry Picking Lovely Boy Learning the Trombone

The end of February caught us by surprise as we purchased our first home with Mum; I was so excited about getting that damn mortgage, it still makes me so happy to see those repayments decreasing our debt each fortnight instead of appearing as “rent” on our bank statement.

March saw Dave’s contract extended by another six months, we began packing up our little house for the move just a couple of streets over, Ethan and I attended an awesome Sustainable Coastlines art workshop, and I became the NZ Mummy Ambassador for the Milo Play Movement.  We had the best day at the Kumeu Show where we all braved the sickening rides – never doing that again!

Te Atatu Cycle way

Kumeu Show

Kumeu Show

After the Easter Show in April we moved house, which I timed perfectly with a full foot tattoo (wtf was I thinking?), I completely ignored my birthday and spent lots of time with E before winter set in.

Muriwai Beach

Riverhead River

Foot Tattoo

Moving House
In May we began the house redecorating and renovating in earnest. We survived months of living under drop cloths and amongst sanding dust as every wall in our concrete palace had to be replastered, sanded and repainted. Looking back it was a lot of fun as the house was literally a blank canvas for whatever we wanted to make of it. Rugby began and we all got caught up in Saturday mornings at the fields, this was an interesting season as J5 began to highlight the differences between the forwards and the backs and kids actually began to realise this too.

IMG_6158 IMG_6187

IMG_0627 IMG_6270

June and July seemed to pass in a wintery blur as we were all looking forward to our holiday in Chicago and Florida where we would get to see my brother Hadyn marry his beautiful fiancé Joanna.  While we passed the time Ethan grew crystals, went to Clip n Climb, there were lots of Family Game Nights, skate sessions and the renos continued.  I started {and finished!} a feature wall which I love.

Crystals Rennovations

Winter Frost


Feature Wall

After a few hiccups (visa problems for yours truly) which resulted in the boys flying without me and me meeting them in Chicago a few days later, we were all stateside and ready to enjoy an amazing holiday.

We were in Florida in August when Dave found out that his contract had been extended again, this time for 12 months and………….that he would be going to Europe for 6 weeks after only a week home in NZ. We made the most of our time together and spent every minute we could with Dave’s family in Florida and Georgia.

IMG_7129 IMG_7579





September saw Ethan prove his most testing as with Dave away he was spinning like a top and pushing every boundary he could find. In the end I just cried. He wore me down. Thank god my mum was here. I survived the marathon of the Auckland Boat Show and then the countdown was on until Dave returned home.

While in Europe Dave visited and worked in Frankfurt, Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Paris, Lyon and Geneva and we all managed to survive! Ethan sorted his shit out and the last two weeks before Dave returned were actually quite lovely.

IMG_3288 IMG_6626








Dave’s 36 hour commute home was celebrated by Ethan with a Disco Party he planned himself. Limbo-ing with jet lag is top of every weary travellers lust I’m sure! The rest of October was quiet as we all adjusted to being back together again and some big decisions were made for our family.




We visited Paihia in November, something we have been able to do for the last three years by combining a work trip for me with a lovely family weekend away.
Ethan turned eight and we celebrated with a bang. Dave hired a kick ass gorilla suit and we hosted a Big Foot party for our little Sasquatch. It was so much fun, 8 big boys filled with bravado headed into the bush where upon glimpsing Big Foot they turned into 8 little puddles of mush!






December felt rushed and hectic. Our whole drainage system was dug up, replaced and we connected to town wastewater in the middle of the tornado that hit.  The build up to Christmas always feels frenetic as it comes so soon after Ethan’s birthday. Hadyn and Joanna surprised us all with tickets to Mary Poppins, Dave and I celebrated our eight year wedding anniversary, on Christmas eve we told Ethan he was going to be a big brother (!!!!!) and this year we hosted our entire family for Christmas dinner. A rainy Boxing Day was most welcome by us all as we cleaned up and relaxed, then enjoyed some glorious sunny days at our fave spot up north.





2012 we needed you. Our home with Mum is perfect and couldn’t have worked out better for everyone, we worked hard, enjoyed our time off and are so happy with a belated decision to grow our little family.

Thanks so much to everyone who reads along, I love reading your blogs more than I love writing this one, but your fabulous posts and creativity keep me {somewhat} motivated.

Happy New Year!

A4A Blog Carnival | Day 1 Portrait Post

A4A Blog Carnival | Day 1 Portrait Post

I am participating in wegohealth.com’s Advocating for Another (A4A) Carnival – Parenting Edition.  This is a month long event where health and parenting advocates write, share and enjoy!  The FB page can be found here for more info + grab the parenting prompts here and join in!  The blog carnival runs from August 21-28, 2012.

 Day 1: Write a descriptive portrait of your child/ren.  Share qualities that make them, them – and include an image!

The hardest part about this post is beginning.

I feel like Ethan is a mini-me in a mini-Dave’s body.  His physicality has always been apparent right from a very young age.  He was always a large child who loved to be held and adored close contact.  He is still a very touchy, affectionate boy, but one who has no concept of the brute force his body can exert!

His feet are broad and high, his little toenails on each foot are split just like his Dad’s are, his calf muscles, thighs, his whole damn body right up to the freckles on his nose are his daddy’s.

Ethan is strong physically but also mentally.  He may be described as obstinate, dominant, stubborn, wilful, precocious, proud and competitive with a sassy mouth, but he is more than that.  He is loving, sensitive, kind and very generous.  He is quick to show his emotions whether they are tears or anger.  His temper is all mine.

Ethan is a very talented writer and artist who loves to read.  Maths is not his thing though he does just fine in this subject.  School is easy for Ethan.  His teachers enjoy him as do his peers and he has a bevy of lovely friends whom he has played with for years now.Melissa and Ethan

Ethan is both sportsman and scholar.  Watching him swim so beautifully is a strange feeling as it is almost at odds with his haphazard, forceful physical presence out of the water.  In contrast, he is so suited to Rugby physically, yet he also needs Rugby for the valuable lessons it gives him in teamwork, respect and being one small part of a greater good.  Swimming is self-discipline, self-reliance and self-motivation for Ethan, Rugby is everything else – family, co-operation, belonging, selflessness.

Ethan is my greatest joy from which I never tire.  He is difficult to understand, and for some difficult to deal with, but I recognize him.  His language, his subtle nuances of personality and his perfectionism are also mine.

I love you Ethan Jack.

{I’m sorry Dave Jack, you are forever stuck with the two of us lol!}



Play | Rugby Barbarians Day

Play | Rugby Barbarians Day

After an amazing game against Helensville on Saturday {Ethan’s team won 120-10!}, he had to don his mouthguard again on Sunday {I had to get up at 6am!!!!} for the Barbarians tournament in Devonport.

I was quite unprepared for the size of the tournament, there were schools from all over Auckland and hundreds of keen-as, rugby mad kids ready to play.  There was a twist….open weight and years 3,4,5 and 6 playing all together.  Against each other.  Big kids vs teeny kids playing tackle.  yikes.

See what I mean?

Barbarians School Fun Day

There are many proud Mum moments that I have filed away over the years but my heart was positively bursting with pride on Sunday.  Tackling a massive year 6 kid at speed who has at least 10kgs on your year 3 self  is BRAVE.  My boy was fearless and played intense rugby.  He never questioned whether he was up to the task, he just tackled like the forward he is and thanked god he didn’t have to wear boots so he felt a little faster than normal.

It was a super fun day.  There were free sausages, bacon butties and Milo for the kids as well as the opportunity to spend time with past Barbarians and meet the Auckland Blues!

Rugby kid

Ethan And Daniel Braid

Milo love's PLAY!

The clip below is from Saturdays game; Ethan’s 2nd try of 3


From Paisley Jade | Things I’m Loving

From Paisley Jade | Things I’m Loving

So many delicious things to choose from this week, I love looking through my phone and getting stoked all over again!

  • I am definitely loving the Praying Mantis population explosion going on right now.  E is enthralled/obsessed with them. Of his own volition he typed up a report in Word this weekend and peppered it with pictures and facts.  His passions, however fleeting are totally contagious!
  • I am LOVING some new shoes, just what I needed to cover up my toes as the weather gets less and less jandal-friendly

  • I am totally loving big cuzzies who take their little cuzzies jet skiing!  Look at how amped E was after a very fast burn around Herald Island today.  Awesomeness.

  • I am big time crushing on Auckland at the moment.  We have been enjoying little adventures into the city for the last two weekends, it does a body good to get out away from their usual haunts I think.

  • I am fully loving and missing Dave.  He is out of town for work for a few days, but whipped up an amazing feast of scotch fillet, bacon wrapped prawn kebabs and sausages to keep us stocked with protein through the weekend. Dave very quickly figured out that the way to my heart is through my stomach x
  • Finally…… I am LOVING solving the mystery of my escaping Shi Tzu, second-hand Dash.  I caught him red-pawed, stuck firmly in a tree.  Dog climbs trees to escape – we do not beat him or carry him in a hand-bag I swear!

I love Paisley Jade’s Blog.  It’s pretty, all about family and she is always cooking or DIYing something awesome.  This weekly reminder to be thankful for all the little things around us is hosted by her – so visit!

Mothers Day, I like it

I am celebrating a wicked mothers day by blogging on my new iPhone! The stars have finally aligned and all my wishes come true. Aside from Ethan’s obession with my new phone (he assures me that 5 year olds need iPhones too) we had such a great day. The boys cooked us the best eggs Benedict ever – Ethan calls it eggs burn a dick – and then we headed off to Muriwai. The day was perfect, light offshores so it was fairly warm for this time of year. Louie even seemed really happy on the beach for once.
The tide was too high for safe rockpooling so we finished up at the ramp and the bmx track = happy tired boys. We love Murivegas and I love being a Mum xxxx

March……march on

When almost a month passes with no bloggy, I must be in a serious funk.  I am all funked out that is for sure.  March has brought with it the stress and pressure of preparing all of our company’s media for the Auckland Boat Show, consecutive assignments at uni (one still to do this weekend), little design jobs here and there, Dave working mammoth hours (78 last week), Ethan’s schedule getting busier and busier, the tanks have run dry 3 times in the last 5 weeks! and the news of a new baby.  Mostly the latter has got me all funked out – 24 hours a day.

I was sick with Ethan, but only in the mornings, this time I am sick ALL DAY LONG.  A token spew can happen right before bed for example.  And the tiredness.  Oh how I had forgotten.  I just want to stay in bed all day, everyday.  Hence my house is a disaster and I eat lots of toast.

I wish I was excited about being pregnant again but even thinking about it at the moment is enough to send me running to the bathroom.

Oh, and the National Party?  Don’t even get me started, they can also be blamed for my general feeling of curl up in bed with a pillow on my head.

So, because Peta asked so nicely I will jump back on the blog-wagon and catch-up on all that March has brought for the Jacks.

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