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DIY: Easter Wreath+ Happy Birthday Spotlight Giveaway #2!

Happy 20th Birthday Spotlight!  This month Spotlight celebrates 20 years in New Zealand with in-store parties this Saturday, March 12th at all Spotlight NZ stores.  Visit your local for huge discounts, giveaways, games & even birthday cake at 1pm in each store! Here at The Best Nest we are doing a spot of celebrating ourselves, with three days of Easter themed DIY’s, …

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Halloween 2015 | #thescarehouse

It’s about this time every year that Ye Ole debate starts, you know, the one that starts with this gem; “ugh, I HATE Halloween, it’s so American humpfff”. Yeah well, I pooh-pooh those haters and say BRING ON HALLOWEEN!  Here are my Top 5 reasons for getting down with Halloween; Wearing costumes is fun and kids LOVE it!  Dressing up in a pumpkin suit …

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An Easy Bedroom Update

My bedroom linens have been on my make-over-radar for a while now.  I’m still in love with this pretty pastel mash-up featuring one of my fave Kip & Co duvet covers but unfortunately it’s suffered some major sun fade.  And that BUGS me no end. We get almost all-day sun in our bedroom so a fresh white duvet is really …

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Shop Tour | Global Baby

This little blogging gig does wonders for getting me out and about and exploring different parts of Auckland – it’s also pretty deadly on the credit card as I discover more and more fabulous businesses that are doing things so right in this very competitive retail market.  Our declining love affair with the bricks and mortar storefronts of old makes sense …

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Blogger Life | Mark Tuckey + Cotton On Homewares Launch in Auckland

Cotton On isn’t really setting a foot wrong lately.  Their growing stable of ranges just added another string to its bow this week with the Auckland launch of the Homewares collection – Mark Tuckey + Cotton On. A breakfast launch, hosted at the flagship Queen St store was as relaxed and welcoming as the collection itself, introducing media to the range …

DIY | Refinishing our dining table

Our dining room table was not a pretty guy and was really letting down the overall ambience of the dining room. I joke!  I would never use the word ambience and mean it, I promise. Our table was a hand-me-down from Mum and Dad and was still in awesomely solid condition, but the original varnish on the top was thin and the finish …

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Daily Look | Nixon’s Room

Almost two years on I still love this wee nursery.  I was laughing with some girlfriends the other night about the state of it though.  What you don’t see in this image is the gnawed, beaver tracks on the cot rails –  Nixon is THAT child in every possible way!  It will be time for a makeover soon though, as …

Daily Look | #shelfie

I have THAT child.  The one that is obsessed with getting his mitts on anything that cost more than a cup of coffee and may be potentially fragile and expensive to fix.  My DSLR has just returned from a holiday at Canon HQ and now needs to be kept up high.  A string shelf phaff was obviously in order! Follow

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Daily Look | Our Easter Mantlepiece

I haven’t put up any Easter decorations for years, usually because they are in the Christmas storage boxes and who can be bothered digging through those in March!  However this year I remembered to pull the Easter stuff out as I was packing away the Christmas Tree, voila!  How cute is that bunting? $2.50 from Kmart! Follow