Getting Ready for Baby | Nursery Mood Board

This seemingly never-ending pregnancy business is surprisingly tootling along quite nicely, today I entered the hallowed Third Trimester {!!!!} and a wee bit of panic set in.  The sum total of Jumbo Baby’s nursery is piled in the corner of what remains Dave’s office and the crib is still in its box in the garage.

Quelle horreur!

I have some notion of what we are doing and where we are going and I have begun ‘collecting’.  One thing I am quite sure about is that there will be no ‘matchy-matchy’ theme going on as in Ethan’s nursery 8 years ago {think matching wallpaper border, lampshade, cot & bumper set, nappy stacker blah blah}.

Baby’s room will hopefully be an eclectic mix of whites and colour, focusing on blue accents such as the Penny Scallan bean bag and Freedom rug which will add some depth to the white furniture and quarter-tea walls.  I hope!

Nursery_Moodboard_Baby_BoyFabric bunting from Crave

White Sleigh Cot {available most everywhere}

Melissa & Doug wooden stacking rings {similar here}

Stuffed Bunny from Country Road

Signature Wall Shelf from Freedom Furniture

Saris Frame from Country Road

Cariboo Bassinet from Belly Beyond

Kids Beanbag from Penny Scallan Designs

Skater Owl Print from Endemic World

Stash Drawers from Nood

Replica Eames Rocker from Nood

Dinosaur from Crave

Geometric Print Rug {seen in latest Freedom Catalogue}


The Never-Ending Summer


I looked outside yesterday and couldn’t help but appreciate the sight of two loads of whites drying on the line, yes the water truck came {FOR THE 5TH TIME} and so we washed.

I hate to begrudge people a long, amazing summer, seeing as how the season of sun is sometimes so fickle here in New Zealand; but enough is enough!  I’m in danger of losing a small dog down the cracks in our front yard, paspalum stalks are the only grass form still alive and growing and our bank balances have had enough of water cartage costs.  I can’t even imagine how much stress this draught is bringing to farmers.  It’s time for a rain dance people, and prayers and all of the fingers crossed that we get rain soon {the sight of 11,000 litres of water pouring into our tank yesterday was just about enough to make me dive in – it looked that amazing, I stood there and watched every drop of it come out of the pipe}.

Until then, may you all enjoy the satisfaction of line-dryed laundry as much as I do x

Monday….after a clumsy weekend

On Friday afternoon as I picked E up from school I was expecting him to be riding his scooter down the hill toward the truck, flushed, hot and happy after an afternoon of playtime at school Rewards Day.  Instead he was limping, making his way slowly and his face was trying its hardest not to crumple before he made it to the car.

It wasn’t a major, a collision with a kid on a bike, but the sharp angles of handlebars and the perfect shin-high height of pedals delivered some very painful bruises that have punished him all weekend.  When your 8yo cries and needs a hug it’s easy to remember he is still a little boy.

Saturday morning dawned bright, hot and dry of course.  Dave had some DIY planned, got the ladder out and promptly broke a $400 window.  It was dodgy old plate glass and broke inwards right onto the couch where E had been sitting not five minutes before.  Everyone was unhurt {yes the most important thing}, it was however just what we didn’t need after a month filled with rates, truck rego, RUC, sickness, doctors appointments, prescriptions and a summer of purchasing water……yadda yadda.  I was so mad I was driven to dusting.  That is a rare event in our house indeed.

Sunday at the skatepark Dave bailed hard.  Twice.  Once on a hand rail falling on his back, and once in the bowl smashing his head.  Skating when you’ve been knocked out with man-flu for two weeks and your ears are blocked – read your balance is shot – is a hard, painful lesson learned.

I am so hoping for less bruises this week!

Around Here | Family Room

Getting the nursery ready for our winter baby is requiring a little re-jigging in our house.  Unfortunately we don’t have an empty room, painted in neutrals, ready and waiting to transform into the nursery of my dreams.  What we do have is our office that we have to re-home.  Dave works from home at least 50% of the time so having a workspace for him is important, but in saying that all he really needs is table space to lay out his laptop and there is plenty of room for that on the dining room table.

After selling an old table on Trade Me this weekend we had space in our family room to move my desk out of the office to it’s new home;


The only stipulations I had regarding having a computer in a living area was that there was workspace for two so E has a place to easily complete homework, and secondly, no ugly computer chairs.  Dave and I found these Tractor Stools at Freedom Furniture (they are not on the NZ website yet) and they fit the bill completely.  They were a little more than I had expected to pay at $159 each, but I had to love the stools we chose as they are in a room in which we will be spending more time this winter with the arrival of our new bubba.


We moved a couple of other pieces of furniture around and I’m so happy with this room now.  It’s a rectangle with 6 doors off of it so wall space is at a premium, but everything now works and feels much more open.  I also discovered the most amaze product at Spotlight today; Mode Rug Gripper $6.99 for 10m.  That crazy orange rug {which I love} is quite light weight and Ethan and the dogs are forever causing it to bunch and move.  This tape actually works, is cheap and easy to apply.  Magic.


We will move Dave’s desk out of the office in a couple of months and then I can decorate until my hearts content!  Until then I have a growing stockpile of all things baby that is slowly engulfing our changing table and the  briefly vacant corner of the office.

Around Here | Our House


Our house has been a massive work in progress since we bought it in May of last year.  We have done so much {and thankfully stuck to budget} and are now up to the final phase of finishing touches and tidying things up.  Little projects that are not in themselves huge expenditures, however the list of little projects is quite long!

This weekend we purchased new tiles for outside the front door, barked another of the backyard gardens (only one more to go!) and tidied up the long strip up the side of our driveway.  When we removed our septic tank and connected to town storm water in December, this area was completely uprooted as it houses the pipe carrying all of our wastewater to the street.  What was left was a strip of clay, now turned to dust by our fierce summer.  Mum and Dave were the rock shoppers and after one trailer load of inexpensive grey rock followed by a second trailer of river rock the front of our house is looking fab.

To finish the driveway we will plant three half wine barrels with miniature orange trees and then we will rest.  Until the next ‘little project’.


Saturday Love

Ethan is at a birthday party, there is nothing I HAVE to do right at this moment so I am listening to my favourite music loud {Modest Mouse, Built to Spill & Death Cab for Cutie, The Flaming Lips}, working on posts and trying not to check the time!  I have been looking forward to this little bit of ‘me’ time all week and it’s lovely.

New Laundry Cupboards

Loving our new jumbo laundry cupboards that are finally taking shape, can’t wait until this part of the house is finished and we can use all of our new storage.

Salad for lunch…..again!

I eat salad for lunch every day, not the same salad, I change it up, but I never get sick of it.  Lashings of mayo mixed with hot sauce, avo, egg, tomato, celery and tuna today.

Postcards from Dave

We received some postcards from Dave in the mail this week.  I bet the teacher had a laugh at the Frankfurt postcard when Ethan took them to school for news!  His trip has just been extended to well over 40 days now, Zurich after Paris and then home finally!  Can. Not. Wait.

Nectarine Blossoms

Mum bought this gorgeous nectarine tree for our yard, now every spring we will have beautiful blossoms like our neighbours!

Maths Certificates

After only two lessons at Number Works Ethan has received not one but two certificates in maths from School.  He has never received a maths certificate before.  Ever.

Amazing aye?  Just goes to show that it wasn’t anything other than confidence.  He didn’t think he could do it so he didn’t.  So proud of him.


I am LOVING this tip I found on pinterest.  To clean silver, line a bowl with tinfoil, add 1/2 cup salt and 1/2 cup baking soda, fill with hot water and soak silver for 30 minutes.  I have a metric shit-tonne of silver jewellery and this method cleaned the lot with ease!  Amazing.


Ethan no longer co-operates when I want to take 3 million pics so I have to be sneaky.  I’m having fun with this.

Backyard Fishing

Ethan Fishing

Saturday morning, 7.15 am.  The sun was shining.  It was time to fish for catfish.  He has never been a fan of Saturday morning cartoons that boy.

Things I’m Loving is hosted by Meghan at MNM’s

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful matter how simple it is.

Vintage finds | Watchmakers Chest

Mum, Ethan and I braved the blustery weather yesterday and headed across the bridge to Junk & Disorderly – hands down the BEST second-hand shop I have ever seen.  I definitely took my time, but I still feel that I would need to spend another hour in there perusing the many aisles and brushing off the dusty relics to be sure I wasn’t missing that ONE amazing piece!

I was looking for a jewellery box as I outgrew my current one many years ago, and I didn’t leave empty handed {surprise surprise}.

Mum found two beautiful old watchmakers chests, lined with deep red velvet and absolutely perfect to re-purpose as a jewellery box.  Each drawer is partitioned, meaning I can finally organise my earrings, rings etc with some sort of separation and PLENTY of room.  Love.


House & Home | Lounge #2

I have waited a long time for our very own lounge to decorate and I have loved piecing together the bits and bobs in this room. It’s cosy, bright, comfy and Ethan friendly. I’m in love with this room.
Truth be told, I only sat down in this room for the first time tonight for more than 30 seconds. I find it hard to sit still. I sat and sat and watched tv and didn’t get out of the lazy boy for almost 2 hours. It was mine and it was lovely.