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Family Travel Blog: 48 Hours in Tauranga

Earlier this month I was stoked to have been invited to compete in the first-ever Choice Hotels #ChoiceNZTravelgrammer2017 competition against 10 other NZ based Instagram Influencers.  We were despatched to 10 stunning and varied locations around NZ with the goal to ‘do the regions proud’ and snap up a social media storm across Instagram.  Cool right?!  I hadn’t spent any …


Acquisitions | Origrami Instagram Prints

Well now that we are well and truly addicted to the marvellous Instagram, the obvious next step is printing our hip, well filtered and curated images right?  Enter Origrami.  Product Perfection. I’m pretty much gaga over the whole process here; the ease of ordering, the worldwide free shipping, the impeccable packaging, the fruity colours on the backs of my prints …

June Photo A Day | Day 1 #morning   hosts the Instagram photo challenges that so many of us ‘try’ to finish!  Ah well, the fun is in the trying don’t you agree? Here are this months prompts: And here is Day 1: Ethan at home for the second day, hacking and wheezing like an old man but on the mend. Follow

Look | Insta-Snaps

Something I wore | My fave belt purchased from Old Navy way back when I was a young thing lol #marchphotoaday Follow me on Instagram | @thebestnest Follow

Look | Insta-Snaps

5pm and the wind finally dropped enough to take some shots of the caterpillars with my @photojojo macro #marchphotoaday Follow me on Instagram | @thebestnest Follow

IPhoneography | February

One of our favourite IPhone Apps is Instagram.  Sharing {mostly} random photos in a community is fun.  Plain old fun.  I can’t tell you how many recipes, DIY ideas or flashes of brilliance have been spurred on by Instagram, we are converts as are many of you! Dave and I are participating in two february photo challenges, which isn’t hard …