Week Two sans Husband

The week began with Ethan telling me to shut up. It transitioned from there into grumpy grunting, and a blanket ban on electronics. What is a boy to do without his gadgets? The horror! I am absolutely the worst mum in the world. Seething is a word I have never used to describe my eldest until now but I have deemed it Word o’ the Week.
The tempest has past however, a few days running his testosterone into the front lawn in mad-cap one man rugby test matches, no further arguments and early nights resulted in a perfectly lovely afternoon and evening with E.
He came home from Cubs on Monday night, proud as punch to give me any early Mothers Day gift, a rainbow loom bracelet! I had heard tales of these stylish gems made of rubber bands and love by sticky, dirty fingers and I have worn mine proudly every day this week. As a wee reward for his improving behaviour I nipped into the dollar store and picked up a pack of bands so he could make some at home. Practicing my ” yes’s”, I sat down with Ethan and he taught me how to craft my very own bracelet. We did it again after dinner and the baby was in bed and I can honestly say, we spent genuine, lovely quality time together making these little things, talking about the process and just enjoying sitting on the floor and being together. Win win win!

In other news;
– I have just painted my toenails lavender
– I have just won a gorgeous party pack from Megan @ Mousehouse
– After watching that video Look Up that’s doing the rounds on FB I’ve been thinking long and hard about my social media habits. As poetic and initially confronting as the clip is, SM plays a very positive role in my life that I’m not willing to give up; I had lunch with three other women today under the guise of our ‘Book Club’ lol. Three lovely people whom I would never have met, from a part of Auckland I never visit that I get to hang out with fortnightly because two of us met on the interwebs through our blogs. None of us picked up our phones to go online during our two hour lunch.
– Dave’s still in India
– We have a new king size bed that I cannot wait to get into each night, made even more indulgent and HUGE because Dave’s still in India
– It’s my first Mother’s Day on Sunday as a mama of two! So so blessed and happy about that.

TTFN, time to snuggle down and finish a book that’s been on my kindle for too long now, The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer. What are y’all reading? I need some inspo xx

On being a bad, bad blogger

After reading Tartan Kiwi’s post last night regarding her blogging slump, I realised I have been feeling exactly the same way. I start a post most days, lose interest and leave them abandoned in drafts, never to be released into the blogosphere. Not spending the few extra moments needed to be able to hit publish and feel like I have created content for another day {this is important to me, something measurable and tangible which I genuinely enjoy}.
It’s not a lack of inspiration, I have post ideas out the ying-yang.
It’s a problem with the translation of said ideas into cohesive writing.
Despite returning from Christchurch and Around the Table brimming with enthusiasm and genuine joy at being part of such an amazing bogging community, my blogging has slowed to a gross trickle of linky entries.
I have a to-do list of necessary re-writes and updates and navigational improvements due on the site which I haven’t glanced at in weeks months.
Of course I have my myriad of first-world excuses to back up my creative sloth

  • It’s very uncomfortable to sit at the computer at the moment
  • The IPad is to hard to blog on
  • The screen on the laptop is too small……

I guess I’m just a bad, bad blogger {who is currently enjoying a stunning day in the sun at Parakai whilst my big boy and his bestie have a marvellous time in the pools and on the slides}.
Maybe sometimes I just have better things to do?

Crochet By The Pool

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