Boken crochet hook

Daily Look | Sad face…….Happy Crochet Face!

Out of the sadness of a broken, favourite hook {at night, which rendered me hookless – yarn down!} has come a new discovery.  There are better hooks out there, smooth weighty ones, hooks from which I don’t have to file burrs off before I use them with a nail file!  The wonders of Spotlight are vast people. Follow

Talk me out of this please | Kate Sylvester Swan

Thanks NZ Girl for bringing this beauty to my attention, my credit card is finding this month difficult enough without beauteous home ware temptations :::sigh::: Do you love it as much as me? Kate Sylvester Swan by Rebecca Snelling $135 Follow

Auckland Frost

Daily | Look: Good morning Monday!

This morning was freezing. My truck was wearing the thickest coat of ice ever! So it was literally breathtakingly beautiful because it hurt to breathe. No filters – too pretty   Follow

Good Morning Saturday!

Ahh the joy of a house without window coverings and the condensation it brings. At least it’s pretty right? Healthy, meh. That’s Dad on the window sill, hi Dad! Today we paint Ethan’s room. Thank god. He has been sleeping in our bed this week (Dave has been relegated to the floor) and I have never been kicked so many …

June Photo A Day | Day 1 #morning   hosts the Instagram photo challenges that so many of us ‘try’ to finish!  Ah well, the fun is in the trying don’t you agree? Here are this months prompts: And here is Day 1: Ethan at home for the second day, hacking and wheezing like an old man but on the mend. Follow


Daily Look | Oh how they barked

This rather large spiky guy bravely traversed the driveway this afternoon, well out of sight of the four dog army and their two mates next door.  They all knew he was there though and I’m pretty sure I heard Louie say “Let the wild rumpus begin!”.  They barked like the hounds of hell in other words.  {Look at his little …

Autumn Leaves

Daily Look | My Commute

Autumn is spectacular in our part of Auckland.  The leaves are turning and the colours make my jaw drop every morning as I head to work.  The fog was insane today; this morning’s drive had an ethereal quality about it…….until I hit the Albany gridlock. Follow

Ethan playing on jungle gym

Daily Look | Colours too Bright

5pm on a Sunday afternoon.  It’s cold but he doesn’t feel it, it’s getting dark but light enough to play, I could ride bikes around our neighbourhood all day with this kid. Follow

Cream doughnuts

Daily Look | Fatty Boom

The huge mess of sanding the first part of the house will be over today!  Thank you jesus.  Why not celebrate with cream doughnuts for our contractors {and me}? Follow

hole punch

Daily Look | Unintentional Art

I have lost things in this move.  I have found things.  I am living on about five pieces of clothing as my wardrobe gets built, painted and the interior installed; and things have been created. I unpacked some of our office last night as our plasterers and painters have finished this room first {hence my return to blogging, YAY}. My …