Project 365 * 7 Days

The week that was 1/2/10 – 7/2/10

Monday - This is the daily crop, with the addition of a cucumber every 2nd or 3rd day + BEANS, BEANS, BEANS. I may have over done it this year!
Tuesday - Relaxing with some wii after school & a swim. Lou loves his boy so much
Wednesday - This balloon flies around the hood a couple of times a week. It's odd as you can hear the people's voices before you realize where the are coming from. Lou is TERRIFIED of hot air balloons. He runs inside and quivers until they disappear from sight.
Thursday - Our poor swan plant has only just recovered from the last caterpillar invasion, 1 plant cannot sustain a monarch family, I now know this.
Matakana 021
Friday - A magical night at the Vineyard concert in Matakana. Lucky little prize-winners!

Saturday - The New Addition. This is Fat Jack. Nana caught him in the pond and we all thought "what a beauty!". And he is. So huge and hungry in fact that the bulge you see in his belly belongs to his former compadre - James Tail-er. RIP James.
Sunday - Me going backside on a shitty little close-out. But MAN, this was my first surf in months and I loved it. Right back on the horse.

Project 365 * 7 Days

Project 365:  Week 5
The week that was Monday January 25th – Sunday January 31st, 2010

Monday - My Favourite Things - I began looking for an interesting mobile after Dooce placed one above a messy desk to draw your eye upward, I found this at Iko Iko in Wellington and LOVE it!
Tuesday - New Addition - Mike & Tim, captured by E from Nana and Grandad's pond. Tim is on an Intrepid Journey somewhere in the house, Mike now lives in a very 'spensive terrarium
Wednesday - This is apparently the 'preferred' position for optimal DS playing....
Thursday - I can never remember to take my vitamins and happy pills so I find that a Nana pill dispenser works really well....when I remember to fill it ; )
Friday - This is status quo at our house in the desert. On this day the weather came in from the east, poured down on the shore and in the city (where they have city water) and rained itself out before it hit tank-water land where we live. It wouldn't be quite so infuriating if I didn't have to watch it do this ALL THE DAMN TIME.
Saturday - This is where Ethan has been playing a lot this summer, on the picnic table and under the sun umbrella. Too hot anywhere else!
Sunday - Gorgeous weather yesterday to match their smiles

7 Days

Project 365:  Week 4
The week that was Monday January 18th – Sunday January 24th, 2010

Monday - It is so dry, only the weeds in the lawn are growing
Tuesday - Ethan is mad about Pokemon and despite our best efforts we cannot find any stores that still stock the toys here. Ethan is a bit behind the times it seems. But, there are Pokemon a-plenty on Ebay. So little boy gathered up whatever currency he could muster, including ALL of his pocket money and Christmas money and gave it to me so we could buy the Pokeball of his dreams. And a little boy waits. Now we just have to survive until the package finally arrives from the states.
Wednesday - Ethan was called upon to rescue our neighbour Sarah from a giant Weta that was dozing on her couch. He was no match for Big E and his Creeper Keeper. Tagged and released of course!
Thursday - These were so velvety and vibrant in the midst of the dry brown garden I couldn't resist.
Friday - Ethan has been spending the days I work with his Nana and they ALWAYS do something fun. Like fish for sprats. Boy-child that hair.....
Saturday - Was rainy and dull and cold. So we cooked; muffins, fruit leather and homemade strawberry ice-cream.
Sunday - There are no words for how much I love this child and his Daddy, who strum and sing and enjoy EVERYTHING together.

7 Days

Project 365: Week 3

White laundry
Monday - It was so, so bright on Monday that it almost hurt your eyes. I took this photo as I liked the little rows of peg soldiers amongst the whites
Tuesday - You should have seen this coming a mile off Louie. It was only a matter of time.
Wednesday - Remember when parents were clambering for robotic hamsters in the USA before Christmas? Yeah well it was probably because Auntie Tara went mental and bought them all for Ethan. We love her.
Cows in the yard
Thursday - Cow wrangling IS NOT FUN. It takes a long time, is very hot work and sooo frustrating. These big bastards went on a rampage around the yard, smashed through the pigs fence and charged for the orchard where the had a nice feast. I was home alone so had to wrangle them back into their paddock 1 at a time with Ethan's pretend fishing gaff as my cow-wrangling stick. I imagine it was comical to watch.
Zhu Zhu vs Shi Tzu
Friday - Lou is not quite so giddy about the new arrivals
Saturday - One of these days I'm going to take one too many photos and I'm going to get a knuckle sandwich. And Ethan will get eternal time-out.
Ethan & I and a Marsupial
Sunday - Ethan finally earned enough good behaviour points to get his Trip Reward, and he picked the Zoo. It was DESERTED, pretty much. Awesome day.

7 Days

Project 365:  Week 2

The week that was Monday January 4th – Sunday January 10th, 2010

Monday - "Good morning Jim, how did you sleep?"

Wednesday - A Cheetah and his Dog, yes I know my son is wearing a leotard....

Thursday - Fishing for sharks w/ Nana & Grandad

Friday - Happy Happy boys, boys, boys.....except maybe Louie
Saturday - Put your fresh snapper in a pie! Believe me, it's incredible

This is what you do when you live in the sticks, the tanks are low, your pool is low and there is a chance of rain. I thought of this myself....don't judge!

7 Days

Project 365:  Week 1

So it’s a New Year and one of my resolutions is to complete Project 365.  So far so good, though this week only consists of 3 days, kinda…

Friday * My vege garden is looking totally splendorous at the moment, I love every square inch of it (all the more so as I harvested the first Zucchini of the summer today!), but most of all I love the colours of the scarlet runner beans.

Saturday * Dave and Dad were away working this weekend so E and I picked up Mum and her doggies Molly and Marley and we headed to Muriwai.  Everyone had so much fun, apart from Louie who is wave-phobic and wouldn’t cross the high tide line, though he did enjoy chasing the lifeguards on their quad bike very much.  Marley has such a big personality that it’s easy to forget how itty-bitty he is, but you can definitely see his tiny-ness in this photo.

Sunday * Ethan and I packed a lunch, donned our backpacks, tied up our sneaks and went ‘Adventuring’.  We had a picnic, found crabs, played cards, layed in the shade, ran in the sun and hiked up FOUR HILLS to get home in the blazing heat.  It was awesome.

Project 365 * Day 17: Rainbow Shark

Rainbow Shark

It may appear to be celebrating the diversity of gay sharks, but this picture Ethan coloured today is pretty big news in the Jack house.  Ethan doesn’t ‘do’ arty creative colouring like this.  He is a man of science, and prior to this sharks have always been grey, he has also never taken creative licence and drawn teeth on a picture that didn’t already have teeth, because they wouldn’t be just perfect.  I love this picture so much because he stopped worry about everything he knows about sharks and just decided to make something look ‘funky’ –  that’s what he kept saying,  ‘Mama, does my shark look funky?’ .  Damn right it does precious.