Project 365 * Day 15: Happy 4th of July!

Dave and Ethan got out and celebrated Independance day at Mustangs Saloon in Newmarket. They ate hotdogs and fries, drank Budweiser (Ethan had ‘American’ Sprite) and loved all of the US memorabilia. Ethan told me it was only for Americans but I would be allowed to go next time as long as I was with them. How lucky am I? …

Project 365 * Day 14: Ethan's Hand Puppet

Ethan is actually participating in the art projects at his new kindy! It’s amazing, the stuff he brings home is super cute as well. He does some creative stuff at home, but usually it’s of the punitive variety. He just wrote his Daddy two speeding tickets but let him off with a measly $1 fine! Follow

Project 365 * Day 12: Make-up Application 101

It was very quiet in the house, never a good sign when both Bush and Ethan are home. They were busy, doing their make-up. Ethan declaring that he has NEVER done this before (well, actually son you did do it when you were 2. Don’t you remember? You carved deep cavernous hollows into my Chanel compact and made momma cry …

Project 365 * Day 11: Self-portrait

A freezing Monday, a bus full of four year olds and a trip to the observatory.  Ethan was so buzzed on all he learnt about the planets and stars, (this was possibly all eclipsed by the Astronaut Ice Cream we purchased at the gift shop, oops).  Bad Mama. Follow

Project 365 * Day 10: Baking with Bananas

We got a mountain of overripe bananas at the orchard for $2.99 – 2 loaves of banana bread and a dozen muffins and still more bananas left! Banana Loaf – Edmond’s Cook Book, this recipe is SO easy & quick, which is good because I will probably be repeating it about 3 more times today! Ingredients 1 3/4 cups self …

Project 365 * Day 9: Happy to see me!

Believe it or not, this smile is for me! Ethan finally spied me stalking him with the camera as Dave mowed the lawns and ran over and near-tackled me with a gigantic hug and told me he loved me even though I made him wear a scarf. Follow

Project 365 * Day 7: Swing

So we are both sick, tired and ready to kill each other after four days at home with heavy colds but it is so sunny out that a little fresh air and fun on the swing seemed in order! I can’t even imagine life if we have to quarantine for swine flu this year, thank god for grocery & DVD …

Project 365 * Day 6: Winter Hands

It’s sunny, but it’s freezing, Ethan doesn’t mind the chilly temps but still has to be reminded to keep warm. His hobo gloves are perfect as they keep my mind at ease and let him throw stones and dig in the dirt unhindered. Everybody’s happy. Follow