Project 365 * Day 5: My Prison!

This has been my outlook for the past 48hrs, confined to my chair as I knock out a riveting commercial law assignment – almost there now! Essential items for any of my marathon study sessions have been pointed out for you; – Heater. The office must be hot, hot, hot. I cannot bear to be cold and seem to freeze …

Project 365 * Day 4: Playhouse

We finally climbed up for a look today – so excited! It’s warm and dry in there, we just have to clean out all of the old junk and clean up what we want to salvage, 6 new decking planks and Ethan will be set! Follow

Project 365 * Day 3: Yes you can Ethan!

Four of my favourite things right now; Our delicious Obama action figure, my gorgeous ceramic vases from The Chicago Art Institue courtesy of little brother, lavender sprigs from our driveway and my baby’s soccer trophy – Most Improved Player. kick some ass Ethan, do it for America! Follow

Project 365 * Day 2: Dave & Hadyn

Dave & Hadyn, originally uploaded by The Best Nest. Though he looks like he just dropped his most precious Transformer down the drain, Dave assures me he was deliriously happy at this moment. He is actually more happy right now as I am playing The Lemonheads on itunes. “Why did you just pick something that you have never played before?” …

Project 365 * Day 1: Stuck

Lou loves soccer, he is very good at dribbling but he can’t seem to get his head around how to score a goal.  He seems perplexed.  I hope this isn’t a symptom of more serious issues.  I thought since we moved to the farm that we had dealt with his depression and doggy-Prozac wasn’t going to be needed.  We can …