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I’m sure some of you can sympathize, but it sometimes feels like I’m pinning all of these amaze ideas, recipes, crafts yadda yadda, which once pinned never see the light of day again!  Quel horreur!

So, I will spread the joy of my Pins and share some of my favourites with you {click the images to explore};

1.  Wooden Skull ~ Carved by Dan Lucas

2. Mystery Neon Blue Dress, if I could find where it’s from it would be mine {no linky on this one}


3. Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread from Joy The Baker.  If I still ate carbs I’d be mowing one of these a day!

4.  Retro Apple Macintosh computer iPhone cases by Schreer Delights

5. Miu MiuBow-embellished bandeau swimsuit $245USD from Net-a-Porter.  I wish for this!

6.  Mixed Meaning Wedges.  These babies are a steal at USD$44!

7.  A little funny for Angry Birds nerds


Around the Web | Things I’ve found

I love the internet.

Black Bean Brownies These WILL be made!

Ginger & Apricot Slice

Crafty Scarves

My Side Your Side Pillow Cases
I NEED these pillow cases! {but my side needs to be bigger}

Oh lord.  For a 100% accurate {I’m sure right?} portrayal of Shit Asian Mom’s Say, watch below, funny funny!

There was a time not long ago when I though The Honey Badger was just the name of the move you did with your finger on the black jack table when you wanted cards from the dealer.  THANKS TARA.



Friday Fiver

1.  Winter has arrived, but days like today make it bearable and almost even…….glorious!  Everything was bright green and blue and two loads of laundry dried in the sun – amaze.

2.  This was the best 7 days I can remember, namely because Dave and I made a big decision we have been putting off for a while.  It feels so good, like a big weight has been lifted and it’s time to remember and rediscover all of the fun little corners of our lives.  Yay for Jacks!

3. The girls and I hit cougar town aka Westfield Albany last night to catch Sex and the City 2.  LOVED IT.  It was trivial and frivolous and excessive…..but it was funny as all hell…..and Liza Minelli and her freaking fantastic pins ruled the wedding.  SJP ruins every scene she’s in but the other gals carry her breathless, little girl acting and Samantha is so fab you almost can forget about Carrie.

4.  I am almost at the point where I don’t have to talk to our accountant again for a WHOLE YEAR.  Words can’t really describe the excitement.  Some of you will understand.

5.  If you need to scrub 5-10 years off your face and you have $110 to spare (HAHA!) let me recommend Dermalogica multivitamin thermafoliant. I received a sample of this sandpaper in a tube when I had a facial a couple of weeks ago and I’m in love.  The smoothest, freshest skin EVER.

Have an awesome weekend xxxx

$12 Well Spent

I haven’t purchased ANYTHING for a while now, since Christmas really so I was heading into dangerous territory when Ethan and I headed to the shops to kill an hour before swimming yesterday.  Farmers were having one of the perpetual sales though and they had a huge bargain/dollar section, most of which was uggg-leee BUT there were some gems to be scored;

  1. A lemon zester for $3!  Have you ever tried making Key Lime Pie without a zester?  Yeah, it’s not pretty.  I have wanted one of these for ever.
  2. Amazing silicone food ties.  These are like re-useable zip ties for the kitchen!  $2 for a pack of 6 ties.  I had never seen such a wondrous thing so I bought 2 packs.
  3. Pack of 3 tea towels in the cutest print for $5.  These are now washed and I am going to donate some of the old ones to Dave’s rag bag.

I know, a total yawn-worthy post, but we had fun hunting for bargains we didn’t need per say, but are happy we brought home.

Hmmmmm, Food for thought Supre – even though you obviously don’t promote eating

See what Twitter and Bookface can achieve!  In less than 24 hours 160+ like-minded people have gathered to say “NO!  I don’t want to dress like a ho-bag…..even if I could fit into their Huss-Plus clothes”.  The interweb is a beautiful thing – just like all of us curvy girls that may or may not enjoy eating (the shame!).  We are hot and fashion forward and totally deserve not to feel like we are passed our used by date simply because fitting through the clothes racks in Supre is the gauntlet one must run to purchase a singlet that proclaims us as Santa’s Bitch (vomit).

You might remember my first Supre experience and the trauma I suffered as a result, click here for a re-cap

There are of course detractors – like the hot spunk(?) who cruised by the group just to check out all of the ‘Fat Chicks’ who were ‘whinging’ about Supre.  Line up ladies – this one’s a keeper!  There is also the girl who proclaims that if you are too large to make Supre’s clothes look good, it must be your fault.  Hmmm, I beg to differ, really is there anyone who could make this look good?  (OK, aside from Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman).

So, join the revolution, say NO to shredded lycra and normalising micro-mini sizing in the retail market, Cate Owen’s fabulous FB group is growing fast Supre: Making Teenagers Feel Fat Since 1984


Boring-ass Stuff I have Bought that Works Perfectly & Reminds me How Old I am Getting

Fact:  I have been in bed since 8.30pm

Fact:  I am eating hummus, with nothing, just my finger ::::::GASP::::::

Fact:  I have just finished reading the New Zealand Healthy Food Guide November Edition

Fact:  I purchased The Jack Family’s First Freezer today

Cumulative total of facts = I have definately hit the ground running into my thirties and it appears there is no return.

This is the guy that’s got my heart all a flutter.  I knew I had to do something when I came home from grocery shopping and realised there was no way on gods green earth that I was getting 2 loaves of bread, english muffins, pita bread, pastry, 2 packs of chicken and a size 16 chicken into my shoe-box sized freezer which was already bursting at the gills.  Enter Trade Me.  I found my freezer, it appears to be an incredible bargain, is less than a year old and lives in Remuera.  Hell, if you are going to buy second hand whiteware you might as well buy from the best right?  My parents freezer was purchased before I was born.  That’s right people, if you follow along and can do The Math, that means the freezer is at least THIRTY YEARS OLD.  And still freezing shit.  So, I look forward to sharing many fond family memories with my new freezer, fingers crossed he will be around to dish out Flavr Ice to my grandkids.

Another useful and boring thing I have bought lately is;

My Zyliss Can Opener.  After the third crapola can opener in a year refused to open my refried beans last month, I finally did it.  I spent $30+ on a can opener.  This guy was worth every penny, 5 stars.

So, the moral of the story is; avoid whiteware for as long as you can, but if the day comes when you need that bit of extra space to store your reduced meat bargains and your butter stockpile, embrace it, run with it and relish the fact that next time you see two size 24 chickens on sale for $12 YOU ARE FREE TO BUY THEM, no longer constrained by the small freezer, YOU CAN BUY IN BULK.  Finally.

Shopping Bag: Maybelline Mascara

I have used the same brand of mascara for 15 years now, good old Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof in Very Black.  It’s reliable, it doesn’t give you Panda eyes and it is relatively cheap.  Keep in mind that the price of ONE tube here in New Zealand is $18.99!  Bush arrived last month and brought with her the spoils of the Great American Make-up Aisle.  One of my gifts was some Maybelline XXL Extensions mascara.  This is the fancy double-ended guy, one end is some white goo that you put on first and the other end is the black mascara.  Seeing as how I left the house today and forgot to put ANY mascara on, I thought I might as well go for gold and put on TWO different mascaras so we can judge whether the gimmicky XXL really does deliver.
Despite the fact that is does take twice as long to apply, the XXL is indeed MUCH superior to old faithful.  The white goo separates your lashes before the black mascara application and definately increases the lash length.  If you can get past the bung-eye look of the two pics below you can see that the lashes in the right-hand pic appear much more full and long than those in the left.
I sacrificed the symmetry of my eyelashes for these pictures people so I hope you appreciate this!


Maybelline Great Lash Maybelline XXL Extensions
Maybelline Great Lash Maybelline XXL Extensions

“Tara from America”


(this is how Ethan refers to her) has arrived on her Big New Zealand Vacation!  She planned her trip almost a year ago so it wasn’t like she just popped in or anything, yet when she asked us last week if we wanted her to bring anything over for us, all we could think of were these;


JAN 109

Yes, that’s right.  Despite being away from the ‘luxuries’ of his homeland for 2.5yrs now, all Dave really needs to make him happy is Sriracha Hot Chilli Sause and Li’l Debbie Snacks (in that order).  I have been successfully weaned from the retail excesses of Wal-Mart and Taj-aye, but still can’t stomach paying $19NZD for the best mascara there is – Maybelline Great Lash, Very Black, Waterproof.  We are simple people I guess.

Time to play along avid reader;

If you married a kiwi and headed down under, what three products would you miss most?