I have lost my cooking mojo. It disappeared when I was pregnant and was seasick 24hrs a day, it hid after the miscarriage when I straight up didn’t want to do ANYTHING, and it hasn’t returned. But, tonight at approximately 5pm, when I should have been cooking dinner, I looked at the nasty-ass brown bananas that I had been saving for Chef Dave to bake up – and my mojo returned (somewhat) in the form of banana choc chip muffins.  It was almost surely my mojo or the fact that I couldn’t stand those bananas hanging around any longer.

Mama's Back in the Kitchen!



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I live in rural Auckland, New Zealand. Two boys, one big, one not so big and 2 boy dogs belong to me and I them. I love Coca Cola in all of its sugar-less forms and I love you internet. I take way too many pictures of my kids and collect them all here. This is what I am doing when I should be cleaning or cooking or doing other 'useful' things.