Christmas Day at Mum & Dad’s

After breakfast we loaded up and headed out to the farm where Mum and Dad were hosting Christmas Lunch for the whole Godfrey clan.  We had such a mint day, the weather was awesome, the house was perfect for lunch for so many people, the kids had a blast playing together and Hadyn was there!  Pefecto!  Thanks Mum, you did an awesome job;

DEC 287 DEC 288
Dave and I on Mum and Dad’s front lawn Cousin Gary and new wife Sheryl
DEC 290 DEC 291
Mum (left) and Aunty Karen Karen and Ian
DEC 292 DEC 296
Aunty Jean and cuzzy Kev Old Nan, Jake and Ethan
DEC 297 DEC 298
Andy & Stella  
DEC 302 DEC 306
Dave and Hadyn Old Pop, Ian and Karen
DEC 308 DEC 310
Dad and Deb Jake and Ethan playing with Kev
DEC 304 DEC 314
Kev playing swing-ball with Oskar Kev and I
DEC 317 DEC 319
Dad, cows and Miss Stella &#160
DEC 333 DEC 340
Oskar Ethan, not keen at all!
DEC 356 DEC 361
Andy, Ethan and Stella The Godfrey Clan
DEC 362 DEC 363
Deb, laughing at…. Kenny



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  1. I feel I'm in a New Zealand timewarp. Wasn't Christmas in December? 😉 I am DYING to come visit. Your parents place looks amazing!

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